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V-Economist Entrepreneur Series

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Digital Economist Venture Development (

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V-Economist Entrepreneur Series

  1. 1. V-Economist Entrepreneur Series by
  2. 2. V-Economist Entrepreneur series is on a non-profit mission to support high-potential entrepreneurs like YOU.
  3. 3. We are a tribe of founders turning dreams into reality side by side and helping each other succeed. Share your ideas. Let’s do it. Cut the theories crap. Here, we learn by doing!
  4. 4. Sign up at & Download their mobile App YOU GONNA NEED IT!
  5. 5. The 4 months commitment Ideation The Fun Part Month 1 Share your ideas & validation Month 2 Minimum viable product Month 3 Go live Month 4 Mission accomplished
  6. 6. Agenda i-Lab Special sharing session. Networking Your chance to get to know more about community folks! Hi-Speed 2 minutes pitching Present your ideas or action updates Applicable to all series
  7. 7. #1 request. Always find your way to give back to the the community. Deal?
  8. 8. Meet Atasha. Founder of, entrepreneurship junkie, martial artist & amateur juggler. Check out more about Atasha at HuffingtonPost US Edition. Setting Realistic Goals: A Lifelong Challenge That Will Change Your Life @matrixjumper
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