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digvijay thakur Revised format

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digvijay thakur Revised format

  1. 1. Kalpana Thakur DIGVIJAY THAKUR Mob: - +91-8376016792 Email- ______________________________________________________________________ Career Objective To become a successful professional in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, and to work in an innovative and competitive company. Work Experience Javi system India Pvt Ltd May 2016 DESIGNATION: Network Engineer  To configure routers and switches.  Create LAN and WLAN  Making cables (cross and straight over cables)  Manage routers and switches devices  To configure routers and switches.  Create LAN and WLAN  Making cables (cross and straight over cables)  Manage routers and switches devices  Sub netting Network Class A, B & C  Hands on Experience of Configuring and Troubleshooting Routing Protocol's RIP, RIP-V2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP.  Hands on experience on Cisco switches.  Hands on experience on Cisco routers 2600, 2800, 2900 series.  OSI Reference Model (Open System Interconnection), Sub netting, VLSM, Summarization.  ImplementingLayer-2ProtocolslikeEthernetandFrame-relaylike Point-to-point,Multipointetc.  Routing Protocols: - RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS.  INTER VLAN ROUTING, DNS, DHCP, ACL.  Hands on Experience on Switch Configurations (Private VLAN, STP, MSTP, RSTP, VTP, DTP).  In Depth knowledge of services like: - DHCP, HSRP, GLBP, VRRP, NAT, ACL etc.  Troubleshooting all kinds of Issues of the Network which the network raised.  MaintainingandManaging the NetworkswithMany Computersuserin the Single Networkorin Office Campus.  Fair Understanding of Network design.
  2. 2. Kalpana Thakur AUSCAN ACADEMY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD Designation: Network Trainee Roles and Responsibilities:  Worked on CISCO PACKET TRACER and GNS 3  knowledge about CCNA  Knowledge about ROUTING.  Knowledge about LAN, VLAN, WI-FI, DHCP, DNS, ACl.  Learn about networking devices such as Hub, Switches, Routers, Repeaters, LAN tester, RJ45.  Learn about protocols such as HTTP, DNS, POP3, DHCP, SMTP, ARP, RARP, FTP.  Knowledge about OSI model and its seven layers.  To configure Routers and Switches manually.  Learn about Routing and Sub netting.  Learn about ACL (Access Control List)  Learn about DHCP ad DNS, NAT, WIFI.  Create LAN and WLAN  Learn about Routing protocols in GNS3 (IGP and EGP)  Learn about IPV4 and IPV6  Knowledge about STP (Spanning Tree Protocol). June–Dec 2015 BSNL  Industrial training on BSNL’s broadband system  Worked on BSNL projects on GSM, 3G Wi-Fi, Pluto  Worked on BSNL land network Jun – Dec 2011 Academic Qualifications S.NO. Education Board / University Year of passing 1 B. Tech (ECE) PTU 2008-2012 2 12th H.P Board Mar 2008 3 10th H.P Board Mar 2005
  3. 3. Kalpana Thakur Extracurricular Activities  Gyming  Snooker  Playing Badminton  Listening to Music Skills  CCNA,CCNP  LAN-WAN  Switching,RoutingProtocols  TransmissionControl  DNS Server  DynamicHost  OperatingSystems  Internetprotocol suite  RoutingProtocol Suite  EIGRP  OpenShortestpath  IP SLA,Frame Relay  Hot stand byRouter,Virtual Router  GatewayLoad Balancing  IPv4,Ipv6  VTP,BorderGatewayProtocol,IPsec  Lan Switching,CiscoWAN,Vlan  MPLS networking,NetworkSecurity,Telecommunication  NetworkDesign,CiscoNetworking,CiscoRouters,CiscoSystemProducts  Wirelessnetworking,NetworkEngineering