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dinCloud Introduces New Clutter-free Virtual Desktop

dinCloud introduced dinWorkspace, the company’s new breed of hosted workspaces, which allows users to connect natively to a Microsoft Windows Desktop without the need for connection brokers or other third-party components. This eliminates the need for third party applications or “clutter” and reduces both cost and complexity. To learn more about dinWorkspace, please visit:

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dinCloud Introduces New Clutter-free Virtual Desktop

  1. 1. dinCloud’s New Clutter-Free Virtual Desktop dinCloud‘s New Hosted Workspace Eliminates Need for 3rd Party Connectors
  2. 2. Direct Access = Better Experience User wants to access Windows Desktop User granted access to Windows Desktop dinCloud removes the extra step. Users leveraging dinCloud’s cloud connect Microsoft to Microsoft, removing the need to go through 3rd party components or 3rd party protocols.
  3. 3. Benefits of The Modern Workspace Cost Reduction Less Complex
  4. 4. dinCloud’s dinWorkspace offers Flexible Deployment Easy Installation Enhanced Performance Built-in Security
  5. 5. Benefits Multi-Device Access Multi-Devices Access Agility Security Productivity Lower Costs Control
  6. 6. About dinCloud Visit,, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter. To read full press release, Please visit: free-virtual-desktop For Pricing & Availability, please visit: