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prefab home and rebuild nepal

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  1. 1. 1 2 3 Best PreFab Home With Easy Solution? We have the answer. PreFabHouse Nepal Pvt.Ltd. w w w . p r e f a b h o u s e n e p a l . c o m Our Features Cement Board/EPS Wall Pre FabHome Powder coated metal pipe of strong strength as the major part of structure which is firm and durable, it has quite good capacity to resist corruption. High Quality Material on Structure and Roofing The main material of the wall, roof is light and strong. It is produced by injected EPS, PU or rook wool between 2 steel sheets. They have quite good capacity of water proof, moisture proof and heat resistance. Electrification and Sanitation Water pipe and wires could be fixed into and be hidden into the sandwich panel which is good looking.. Good to design and decorate. The floor and wall could be decorated by different material according to the user’s idea. Get in touch T :+977-9851064847,9851002929 E: , Our solutions! Prefab House Nepal is an exclusive service provider in prefab house building,school which are elegant, cost-friendly and best suited for Nepal which is modular insulated building. The construction provides a strong lasting wall that reduce heat gain in summer or heat loss in winter making these buildings ideal for all weather conditions and usable for all purposes.Prefab houses is perfect alternative to building an office, workshop, hobby room, temporary shelter with conventional construc- tion materials like concrete block, metal studs and drywall. The instal- lation is much faster because all of the components used to construct have already been prepared in the factory and they simply need to be installed with right foundation and structure and We have very good system of Structure and Foundation . Why Prefab Home from Us? Another advantage using our modular design is that all of the materials purchased to construct the prefabricated house is reusable. If you need to move your building simply disassemble all components and move them to new location. All of the components are reus- able. If you need to modify the original layout simply contact us. We’ll redesign the layout even if no additional material are required. Cost of Prefab Home on Carpet area ranges from Rs 1300 to Rs 1800 depnding on material selection. PreFab House Nepal Near Ullens School,Khumaltar-15,Lalitpur,Nepal
  2. 2. Best Prefab Home for us! Build Prefab Home no matter how much you have land space. You can build house of 2 rooms and more.! Material Break-Down of House Roofing:Color Corrugated Zinc Sheet Struture Powder Coated Heavy Metal 2”x2”9’height 2mmϕ with Nut- Bolt Joint structure. Pillar &Beam by Metal Ceiling: Cement Board 4mm • 10mm • Plywood 4mm• 10 mm • EPS color steel/ sandwich panel • other • Window: Aluminum alloy frame with glass• Nepal Board • ACP Board • PVC material • Flooring : Cement Tile • 1” thickness Parqueting • P.C.C• Cement Board• Electrification Wiring+Lighting+ Switching+PowerS ocket+Cabling+Ele ctrical Window: Aluminum alloy frame with glass Door: Aluminum alloy frame door +Nepal Board • AL+ACP • compound wooden door • Sanitation Commode • Pine• Tile • Shower• Mixer • Basin • Urinal• Mirror• P.P.R. PVC/Nepatop• G.I • Build Prefab Home, School! 1. Anti-seismic: Most villas use slope roofing with truss system. The roofing system will be very strong after the truss was sealed with panels,it can against 8-degree earthquake, and has high strength of loading capability. 2. Good Performance for against wind: light weight, high strength, good integrity, not ease to deform, all these advantages make light gauge steel building good performance for against wind. it can resist the cyclone at the speed of 60m/s, thus protecting the building and people’s life. 3. Durability: light gauge steel building uses cold-formed galva- nized steel, thus avoiding rust in the course of construction and use, and makes the life span of the structure 100 years. Ready to help. Lets make it happen! Trusted global leaderPartner in Product ! We are working collectively and in dealing with the global leader in the supply and installation of prefab home in india and other countries.Also We have fabricated a system of home that are suitable in village areas and city with use of local technology and quick fabrication system with nut-bolt joint structure. We have solution fordiferent region where local resources such as stones,bamboo,woods are more ac- cessiable .somewhere woods so why not make a home with a resource we have. Let’s develop a home that best fit our region. 1.Convenient to assemble and disassemble. 2.Quick installation. 3.Almost dry construction which is environmental friendly. 4.Light and reliable, the steel structure is strong and firm. 5.Practical, good space utilization and high price performance. Right from the start Make your home today with your dream!We help you design and construct for the place you feel cozy! Pre Fab House Nepal w w w . p r e f a b h o u s e n e p a l . c o m 6.Long life span capac-ity which could bereach over 30years