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Germany automotive-advertising

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Germany automotive-advertising

  1. 1. Digital FactsAutomobiles• Cars are the top driver of Internet advertising• Cars are strong in mobile display advertising• One in every ten Internet users visits auto manufacturer sites• Nine out of ten users of Audi’s new car configurator are men• Advertising pressure and social media posts for electric and hybrid models are growing Top advertising market developments Gross advertising expenditures 1-4/2012 Advertising market overall +16.3% Internet advertising shows the strongest growth in per cent €838 million total advertising expenditure for traditional Internet advertising CM DM 12,2% RD  Top 3 Internet drivers Cars increase Internet spendings by 80.2% 12,3% 5,0% OOH 4,2% Cars is the 4th biggest product group on the Internet TJ 1,5% CI 0,3% 1. Automobiles + €21.4 million Cars is also the top driver in the overall €9.4 billion NP INT advertising market and currently the top 17,4% +1.6% YOY 8,9% 2. Company Advertising + €14.1 million product group driving advertising in above-the-line media Financial 3. ServicesClients + €7.7 million Private TV 38,2%Source: Nielsen Advertising StatisticsCars drive advertising on the Internet tionally. The advertising expenditures for increased advertising on the Internet by inserting Web banners on the Internet €21.4 million or 80.2% to €48.1 million,In the period from January to April 2012, increased 16.3% or €117.3 million to a making them the fourth-strongest adver-advertising expenditures on the German total of €838 million. tising product group on the Internet.advertising market totaled €9.4 billion.This represented an increase of 1.6% or In absolute terms, the strongest driver of Collectively, auto manufacturers also€143.6 million compared to the same Internet advertising in the period from increased their advertising expendituresperiod in the previous year. January to April 2012 was the automotive more than anyone else and had a 42% product group. To promote their auto- (up €60.2 million) share in the growth ofOf all advertising media, the Internet motive models, auto manufacturers the overall advertising market.showed the strongest growth propor-1 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH Legend
  2. 2. Nielsen Digital Facts Automobiles Audi is responsible for the greatest Automotive product group – media mix and top drivers increase of advertising pressure in Gross advertising expenditures 1-4/2012 the auto market CM 12,0% +80.2% Automotive increases Internet While auto manufacturers increased the DM 1,7% RD advertising disproportionately advertising pressure for their models by 11,8% OOH 2,3% 11.8% to €577.6 million in the period from TJ 0,5% January to April 2012, according to the NP 25,1% Automotive CI 0,2% INT  Top 3 Internet drivers Federal Motor Transport Authority, new €577.6 million 8,3% 1. Audi +3,1 Mio.€ registrations in the same period were up +11.8% YOY 1.8% compared to the previous year. 2. Opel +2,7 Mio.€ By a wide margin, Audi increased monetary TV advertising the most to promote its auto- 38,1% 3. Renault +2,5 Mio.€ motive models. With an increase of €19.1 million, Audi almost doubled its advertising New car expenditures from January to April 2012 registrations compared to the previous year. The largest  Top 3 drivers overall 1-4/2012 vs. 1-4/2011 shares were dedicated to promoting the A1 compact car and the A4 Avant station 1. Audi +19,1 Mio.€ +7.1% wagon. 2. VW +9,1 Mio.€ +2.9% With a share of 38.1%, the greatest share Audi increases of automotive advertising was still on advertising pressure 3. Hyundai +8,6 Mio.€ +16.2% more than anyone else television, but a significantly greater percentage of the additional money auto manufacturers invested in advertising went to the Internet. Here, too, AudiS ource: Advertising data, Nielsen Advertising Statistics; New car registrations,Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, KBA) showed the greatest growth. Strong increase of mobile adver- Mobile display advertising  tising campaigns for cars Gross advertising expenditures 1-4/2012  There was also an increase of mobile Vehicle market sector campaigns advertising car models. In the first four months of 2012, advertising Automotive product group expenditures by auto manufacturers for +117% growth of display display advertising on mobile websites 11.0% advertising on mobile websites and and apps increased by 117% compared 22.2% apps for car models compared with with the same period in the previous the previous year year. This makes the automotive sector a strong driver of the mobile advertising Top 3 auto manufacturers market, which saw overall growth of 76% 1. Volkswagen in the period under consideration. In the 2. Audi automotive product group, Volkswagen 3. Toyota and Audi were the leading users of thisSource: Nielsen Advertising Statistics PKW method of addressing the target group. W B KF Z Res t2 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH Legend
  3. 3. Nielsen Digital Facts Automobiles Auto manufacturers on the Internet Website visitors in the auto manufacturer category in April 2012 One in every ten Internet visitors went to an auto manufacturer’s website Top 5 websites 4.8 million users overall were Volkswagen recorded by auto manufacturers’  865,601 users / 1.89% active reach Web offerings in April BMW  593,174 users / 1.29% active reach Mercedes-Benz  496,803 users / 1.08% active reach 41% 59% Opel Index: Index: Men visit auto manufacturer websites  427,585 users / 0.93% active reach 88 110 more often and longer Audi  410,567 users / 0.89% active reach 2.00 2.27 Top 2 source of traffic 2.16 Sessions per person 1. 2. 46% of the visitors to auto direct manufacturer websites 14 23 46% 29% go directly to the offering 19 Pages per person others 25% 29% arrive via a Google search 8:42 11:31 10:21 Duration of visit in minutes Range of 1:04 minutes for Lexus to 21:28 minutes duration of visit at Audi Highest number of average pages per person is 43, at AudiSource: Nielsen NetView3 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH Legend
  4. 4. Nielsen Digital Facts AutomobilesAlmost every other visitor calls Audi websiteup automotive websites directly Visitors to the Audi website in April 2012Examining the Internet presence of automanufacturers shows that these siteswere well used: In April 2012 auto manu- 410,567 website visitors in Aprilfacturers recorded a total of 4.8 million Audi with 21:28 minutes, this was thevisitors to their websites. This means that highest duration of visitevery tenth active Internet user in April out of all auto manufacturer sitesvisited an auto manufacturer’s website atleast once. 36% 64% Visitors to the Audi website are46% of users called up the website of the disproportionately men,respective auto manufacturer directly, who use auto manufacturer siteswhile 29% arrived via a Google search.The rest were led there via various links more intensively overallon sites, including via advertising bannersinserted on the Internet. More than one in four visitorsVolkswagen recorded the most visitors used thein the auto manufacturer sector in April 40:03 minutes duration of visit2012, followed by BMW and Mercedes- Configurator 84 pages per personBenz. 865,601 visitors, meaning 1.89% ofactive Internet users in April, went to the 13% 87%Volkswagen website.Men use car websites more often Mainly menand more intensively use the configuratorAn average of 59% of visitors to automanufacturer websites were men, mean- 12.7% of the visitors were in the password-protected area ‘myAudi’ing that men were disproportionately Source: Nielsen NetViewrepresented on these pages compared tothe structure of all Internet users. 10:21 minutes, with a very wide range. With 64%, this represents the dispropor-In addition to representing the largest While Internet visitors to the Lexus web- tionately higher share of male users atpercentage of visitors to automobile site stayed for an average of 1:04 minutes, Audi, who use automobile websites moremanufacturer websites, men also use they stayed at Audi for an average of intensively overall.them more intensively than women. 21:28 minutes.While visitors called up the Internet More than one in every four Audi Internetpresences of automobile manufacturers visitors used the configurator, which Audi has higher duration of visitan average of 2.16 times in April 2012, allows the user to put together a car with new car configuratormale visitors went to the respective according to custom specifications. Theoffering an average of 2.27 times. Men Audi’s website, which recorded 410,576 share of male users of the configuratoralso spent more time here and called up visitors in April 2012, not only exhibits was 87%, which was again higher, as wasmore pages. the highest average duration of visit in the average duration of visit, at 40:03 the automobile sector, but also the high- minutes.The average duration of visit on automo- est average number of page views, at 43.bile manufacturers’ websites in April was4 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH
  5. 5. Nielsen Digital Facts Automobiles Electric and hybrid market gaining Electric and hybrid cars importance Gross advertising expenditures 1-4/2012 While auto manufacturers increased their of the entire advertising pressure for automotive advertising investment by 11.8% in the ,0% 5.0% were allotted to electric and hybrid models first four months of the year compared0%6%0% with the previous year, proportionally% their increase of advertising pressure +75.4% more advertising investments DM CM NP 0,2% 16,8% 11,6% for their electric and hybrid models was RD 5,8% for electric and hybrid cars significantly stronger. With a growth rate Electric/ TJ 0,6% +133% advertising pressure of 75.4%, 5.0% of overall automobile hybrid cars INT 6,7% on the Internet advertising expenditures were allotted to €29.0 million electric and hybrid models. If only April +75.4% YOY Top 5 companies 2012 is considered, the share is already 8.7%. Advertising expenditures /Overall share at the company In the period from January to April 2012, TV Toyota (including Lexus) 58,3%  €11.3 million / 29.1% the auto manufacturers Toyota and Citroёn invested the highest percentages of their Citroёn  €7.4 million / 25.9% automobile advertising expenditures, with over a quarter of total spendings, in electric Top 5 individually advertised Opel electric and hybrid models  €4.8 million / 12.7% and hybrid vehicles. These two companies also exerted the highest advertising pres- Citroёn DS5 Hybrid  €7.4 million  Renault sure in this segment in absolute terms, €3.5 million / 8.9% while Audi, for example, did not advertise Lexus CT 200 Hybrid  €5.1 million  BMW its electric and hybrid models during the €1.3 million / 6.4% period under consideration. Opel Ampera Electric  €4.8 million The topic of electric mobility is also Renault Twizy Electric gaining social significance due to the  €3.0 million promotion of new technologies through BMW 3 Series Hybrid government specifications, and currently  €1.3 million also has a high degree of media presence. On the Internet, the growing volume of discussions in social media on the +21.2% topic of electric and hybrid mobility also new registrations provides evidence that these vehicles are of electric and hybrid cars becoming increasingly important. KBA However, consumers are currently still 1-4/2012 very cautious about buying electric and hybrid vehicles. According to the Federal Not only advertising pressure and new registrations of electric Motor Transport Authority, in the period and hybrid cars are showing significant growth. Discussions from January to April 2012, new registra- tions of hybrid cars were up 23.4%, while by Internet users in social media about this topic are also those of electric cars were up 10.0%, but increasing appreciably. the overall level remains low. Together, S ource: Advertising data, Nielsen Advertising Statistics; New car registrations, Federal Motor Transport Authority electric and hybrid cars accounted for (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, KBA) 0.6% of all new car registrations. 5 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH Legend
  6. 6. Nielsen Digital Facts Automobiles Online discussions influence the Significance of social media in the decision to purchase a car purchasing decision for auto- mobiles 64% of consumers in Germany trust consumer opinions posted on the Internet absolutely or completely If consumers are asked which (advertis- ing) recommendations they trust, of consumers indicate that it is very likely or likely that their next recommendations by people they know 44% purchasing decision regarding automobiles will be based on are in first place. Nine of ten people online product discussions/social media websites surveyed rely on recommendations from family and friends. However, consumerSource: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q3 2011; Nielsen Global Survey Social Media, Q1 2012 opinions posted on the Internet are in second place. 64% trust social media, while editorial content and different Social media posts on the topic of electric and hybrid cars forms of advertising come after this. This trust is shown in the purchase 29,129 30,907 +6.1% social media posts decision process: For 44% of people 1-4/2011 1-4/2012 on the topic of electric and hybrid cars surveyed, the decision for a future car purchase is very likely or likely to be Contents of the topic discussion based on online reviews. Consumers find Electric/hybrid mobility1) a large number of social media posts to Top 7 sources shape their opinion. In the period from Social media posts 1-4/2012 32% of the posts discuss environmental January to April 2012, alone, there were friendliness, which is the most heavily 579,478 posts mentioning an automobile  5,890 posts promoted aspect in the advertising. brand. However, technological and  Electric and hybrid cars are 2,932 posts financial aspects predominate, at 54% and 44% respectively. These frequently discussed online  2,925 posts aspects are usually assessed critically. In the period from January to April 2012,  1,893 posts Almost ¼ of users mention the purchase 30,907 social media postings were made on the topic of electric and hybrid mobil- price, which most find to be too high.  1,293 posts ity, which is 6.1% more than during the same period in the previous year. In 46% of the posts the users refer to a  538 posts specific brand. Among the top sources with the most postings on this topic were technical  6% of the users who express an opinion forums, but also platforms that primarily 529 posts about electric and hybrid mobility have deal with general interest topics. The driven one of these vehicles previously. ranking by the microblogging service Twitter is cited, in which news and Read more about this topic in the Nielsen/NM Incite Study trends on electric mobility as well as “Consumer Acceptance of Electric Mobility,” market-related studies are distributed. In   which compares advertising communication and online discussion in detail contrast, in forums the advantages and disadvantages of specific vehicle models1) Assessment period: 01/01/2011 - 02/29/2012 are discussed, as well as the developmentB asis: German-speaking social media posts on the topic of electric mobility in social communities such as forums, blogs, of electric mobility in general.Facebook, Twitter and video platforms.Source: NM Incite (A Nielsen/McKinsey Company)6 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH
  7. 7. About this reportThe basis for this study is data on Internet use from theNielsen NetView Panel, analyses for social media byNM Incite and Nielsen’s advertising data.NetView Advertising statistical dataNetView is a Nielsen service for recording The gross advertising expenditures indi-the use of the Internet and applications cated are based on Nielsen Advertisingon the basis of a representative panel of Statistics. The following media classes25,000 people. The measurement is per- were included in the analyses:formed by means of patented software • Televisioninstalled on the panelists’ computers. • RadioThe complete click stream on the URL • Newspaperslevel is recorded, as well as video and • Consumer magazinesapplication use of the respective individuals • Trade journals Legendin the household. The most important • ut of home (posters, transport media, O • bove-the-line media = overall ad- Akey figures here are the unique audience and at-retail media) vertising market without direct mail(visitors) and the duration of visit. • Cinema • ctive reach = share of all active A • Internet Internet usersSocial media analyses • Direct mail • DM = direct mail (advertising by mail)NM Incite (A Nielsen/McKinsey Company) The advertising expenditures correspond • TJ = trade journalsuses social media as the world’s largest to the gross insertion charges, which in • verall advertising market = tele- Ofocus group to answer various marketing direct mail is equal to the postal charges. vision, radio, newspapers, consumerand market-research questions. Experi- magazines, trade journals, out ofenced research analysts browse, structure Comparisons with the previous home (posters, transport media, andand analyse social media such as blogs, year at-retail media), cinema, Internetforums, Facebook and Twitter. and direct mail The changes shown compared with the • INT = InternetRight now no medium is growing faster previous year are adjusted comparisons. • CI = cinemathan social media. Millions of consumers Methodological changes were excluded,are online everyday to express their while natural developments on the media • OH = out of home (posters, trans- O port media and at-retail media)opinions, share their ideas with other market, such as launches or discontinua-people, and to gather information on tions, are retained. • CM = consumer magazinessubjects and products. In this way users • RD = radiomutually influence each other in their • TV = televisionpurchasing decisions as well as in the • OY = year on year (adjusted com- Yassessment of products, brands and parison with previous year)companies. • dvertising expenditures = gross A insertion charges; for direct mail thisFor the current analysis, the comments corresponds to the postal charges.were gathered from the entire NM Incite • NP = newspapersdatabase. They contain posts from forums,blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc.7 Copyright © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH
  8. 8. About NielsenNielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a global informationand measurement company with leading market positions inmarketing and consumer information, television and othermedia measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement,trade shows and related properties. Nielsen has a presence inapproximately 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, Keep anUSA and Diemen, the Netherlands. eye onFor more information, all media with Nielsen!ContactNielsen Media Research GmbHSachsenstrasse 1620097 Hamburg, Germany Tanja Pantent: +49 (0) 40 - 236 42-0 t: +49 (0) 40 - 236 42-347f: +49 (0) 40 - 236 42-122 f: +49 (0) 40 - 236 42-122e: e: tanja.panten@nielsen.comFollow us ... and discover more exciting insights Click now European consumers have a stronger reaction to mobile advertising than U.S. consumers One third of users in Germany have already purchased online following mobile advertising Surfing in front of the TV: Worldwide trends in dual screening Americans are the world champions of using TV and mobile devices in parallel Over one quarter of users in Germany use tablet computers even while they are watching TV Coverage of movie portals, social media posts, and visitor numbers at the movies are connectedVisit us at theon 12 and 13 September in Cologne Shopper Sentiment: How Consumers Feel About ShoppingHall 8.1, Stand 018 In-Store, Online, and via © June 2012 Nielsen Media Research GmbH. All rights reserved. Nielsen and the Nielsenlogo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CZT/ACN Trademarks, L.L.C. Other product andservice names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.