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Activating social media

  1. Activating social media Discover how the world lives online
  2. “In the analog era marketing was about getting people to think things so they might do things. Digital media are interactive, so now it’s the other way round. Marketing is now about getting people to do things” Simon Silvester
  3. Social networking is now a part of daily lives for many online consumers, but it is also a platform that is continually changing. What began as a core messaging platform connected to your friend list has become an aggregator of services; the one-stop-shop for all of your online needs. A consumer can now listen to music, watch videos, play games, create groups and share their location. When we look at what the next big development will be, multi-media integration is at the top of the list. The networks that can make this as seamless and intuitive as possible will be winners. Brands should also look to integrate multi-media in their social media campaigns to increase impact in an increasingly competitive and hostile space. From a brand perspective, the category you are in will play a big role in your social media strategies. Brands in technology categories must have a social media presence to survive. Tactics must also vary by region; make sure your social media presence in rapid growth markets is an informative as it is inspirational.
  4. Social networking is truly mass-market DAILY EVER % SOCIAL NETWORKING I1.01: Usage frequency of SN Bases: All respondents n=48804 97 90 92 90 86 83 80 80 79 76 64 56 54 54 50 46 43 42 41 28 28 24 SSA NAm NWEu SEEu DevA Ch Ind EmA LAm MENA Global
  5. Multi-media integration is the next critical development % LOOKING TO INCREASE USAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY I6: Future development of activities Bases: All respondents 48804 42 36 36 36 35 35 34 32 32 31 29 29 28 28 28 26 Stream Download Message Download Online chat Check Respond on Look at Upload Check Upload Write own Share link Check Respond to Microblog music/video media on social App social social photos photos blog/forum video/music blog/forum microblog blogs network network network
  6. Technology categories see the greatest reliance on user-generated content % USING ‘USER-GENERATED’ ONLINE INFORMATION TO MAKE pURCHASE DECISIONS N14: Social Network activities Bases: All social networkers 40382 Computers 34 Audio visual 33 Mobile gadget 31 Automotive 31 Software 30 Video games 29 Mobile phone 29 Real estate 27 Baby care products 27 Holiday/travel 26
  7. In rapid growth markets, social networks are a key source of information on brands; align content appropriately across regions REASONS TO jOIN A BRAND COMMUNITY – TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT A BRAND N13: Reasons for potential brand friending Base: All social networkers 40819 53 48 44 40 41 37 38 (Global average) 35 28 29 27 SSA NAm NWEu SEEu DevA Ch Ind EmA LAm MENA Global
  8. Discover how the world lives online