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  1. Data Streaming with Event Hubs for Kafka Dinusha Kumarasiri
  2. About Me  Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure  Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)  Senior Consultant at Dialog Information Technology  Cloud Enthusiast  Love to share what I learn
  3. Agenda  Event Driven Architecture  Event Streaming  Event Streaming with Apache Kafka  Event Streaming with Azure Event Hubs  Event Hubs for Kafka  Demo
  4. Event Driven Architecture  Traditional API Driven Problems  Dependency among APIs  Difficult to Scale each component  Lack of Resiliency Motivation  Easy to build for simple operations
  5. Event Driven Architecture  Event Driven Motivation  Components are Loosely Coupled  Components communicate through Events  Can Scale individually  Improved Resiliency
  6. Event Streaming  Continuous Flow of information  Events are meaningful when it composes an event Stream  Event processing can combine multiple event streams Producer 1 Producer 2 Producer 3 Event Stream Platform Consumer 1 Consumer 2 Consumer 3 Fraud Detection Predictive Maintenance Real-Time Monitoring Supply Chain Optimization Customer Experience
  7. Event Streaming with Apache Kafka  Open Source  Can build Kafka cluster with multiple nodes (Brokers)  Hold a stream of events in Topics, which can be built with multiple Partitions  Fully managed Kafka cluster can be built with Apache Kafka for Confluent Cloud
  8. Event Streaming with Azure Event Hub  Cloud Native offering for Event Streaming in Microsoft Azure  Designed for High-volume event Ingestion and Processing  Scalable and Reliable platform  Data automatically partitioned and distributed across multiple instances
  9. Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka  Fully managed Kafka-Compatible service provided by Microsoft Azure  Allows Kafka APIs and Tools to produce & consume data with Event Hubs  Enables the migration of Kafka applications to Azure
  10. Demo
  11. Event Streaming – Big Picture Event Producers Event Ingestion Stream Processing Insights
  12. @kumarasiri048 dinushak Dinusha Kumarasiri