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OBF Academy - case Opinlakeus Network

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How Opinlakeus Netowork uses Open Badges to update the digital skills of all employees of Opinlakeus, Sedu and SeAMK.

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OBF Academy - case Opinlakeus Network

  1. 1. Open Badges bring buzz to developing employees’ competencies Case - Opinlakeus network
  2. 2. Digital Education SupportTeam From left: • Matti Mäkelä, Sedu Project coordinator • Kimmo Puumala, SeAMK Systems analyst, IT administration • Riikka Muurimäki, SeAMK Planner, Educational technology • Minna Haasio, Sedu Director of development Opinlakeus = network consists of 30 education providers (voc, highschools) from South Ostrobothnia Sedu = Vocational education Centre SeAMK = Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Organizations were under same ownership for about 10 years and still co-operating in digital education cases etc.
  3. 3. Content of this presentation • Introduction of presenters • Introduction of Opinlakeus network, Sedu and Seamk • Why we chose Open Badges • Benefits we get for our organizations • Our way to develop staffs digipedagocical skills via Open Badges aka how we did this! Enjoy! 
  4. 4. Sedu - passion for profession Sedu in numbers • full time education for 5000 students • work for 600 staff members • continuing education or further training for 10 000 students • preparatory vocational education and training for growing numbers of young people • Sedus role is to coordinate the Opinlakeus network. Opinlakeus network consists of 30 education providers (voc, highschools) from South Ostrobothnia.
  5. 5. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences • SeAMK was founded in 1992 Organizational structure
  6. 6. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in numbers • 4 faculties: • School of Business and Culture • School of Technology • School of Health Care and Social Work • School of Food and Agriculture • Approx. 5,000 full-time students • Approx. 200 academic teaching staff members and 150 other staff members (including RDI and administration) • 200 partner universities in more than 50 countries
  7. 7. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences SeAMK Mission - To prepare professionals of the future and produce high-level applied research to promote welfare and innovations. SeAMK Vision 2020 - International and Entrepreneurial – Best for the Student SeAMK Values - Entrepreneurial spirit - International networking - Professional know-how - Active partnership
  8. 8. Why we chose OpenBadges? • Both organisations need to train their staff constantly • Focus in online training, which is less bound to time or location • Our planning process started in June 2016 and using process in August 2017 • For digital skills regognition, we decided to utilise Open Badges • With badges, the staff may bring out their skills for the employer and networks • Employer can monitor if learning goals have been accomplished • Required vocational competences in curriculum.
  9. 9. Benefit for the organization  Competence management tool  Identification and verification of existing knowledge  Statistics  Dimensioning training  Setting clear goals  Support for the introduction of information systems  Support for the introduction of new work processes and work methods  Stepping up the procedures required by Reform  Support for planning the practical implementation of the curriculum 10.12.2018 12
  10. 10. Benefit for the teacher  Targeted training -> Team Goal Visibility (Silver)  Authentic network learning experience (Moodle's new version)  For every part of the exercise to be practical tools for your own lessons  Personal experience in identification and recognition of competence  Ideas for developing teaching tex. how to use gamification 10.12.2018 13
  11. 11. Badgelevels 10.12.2018 PRO Frontline Collaboration Basic user
  12. 12. The underlying skill level of the badges - –skills - Skills required by TIEKE ry / A and AB licenses - Complexes included in the skills and skills requirements of the students, eg copyrights - General citizenship skills - The digital skills needed by the teacher at work - The ability to use the information systems in use by the organization 10.12.2018 15
  13. 13. Planningprocess  Making administrative decisions  Baseline analysis  Setting goals (skills, working culture, organization etc.)  Creating a badge hierarchy and standards  Designing the visual appearance of the badges  Determining the learning objectivities and learning strategy  Creating the manuscript  Planning navigation  Creating content and tasks  Making automatic checking of tasks (as much as possible)  Testing  Preparing teacher instructions  Preparing instructions and support material for superiors  Creating reporting rutines  Arranging strart-up sessions in every teaching unit  Arranging online support and workshops  OBF integration with Moodle
  14. 14. The execution of a badge is added to the performer's information in the HR-system 10.12.2018 22