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36463921 corruption

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36463921 corruption

  1. 1. Corruption in simple terms may be described as “an act of Bribery”.It has also been described as “the use of public power for private profits in a waythat constitutes a breach of law or a deviation from the norms of society.Corruption is spread over in the society in several forms. Of these, the majorones are : Bribe : money offered in cash or kind or gift as inducement to procure illegal or dishonest action in favour of the giver Nepotism : undue favour from holder of patronage to relatives Misappropriation : Using other’s money for one’s own use Patronage : Wrong support / encouragement given by patron and thus misusing the position Favoritism : Unduly preferring one to other
  2. 2.  Emergence of political elite who believe in interest oriented rather than nationoriented programs and policies. Unemployment ,and overpopulation , Corruption is caused by scarcity. Corruption is caused as well as increased because of the change in value system andethical qualities of men who administer. Corruption can be traced to ineffective administrative organization. Lack ofvigilance, enormous powers to the ministerial staff, unaccountability, defectiveinformation system etc., give scope to officials not only to be corrupt but remainunaffected even after following corrupt practices.
  3. 3. NOW THERE WILL STILL BE SOME POLICEMAN OR OTHER GOVT.EMPLOYEES WHO WILL WANT MORE OWING TO THEIR POWER ANDGREEDSo a whistle blower program has to be initiated.Anyone reporting corruption will be rewarded and the people from that department itself willcome forward since they lose a lot  of incentives if one of them is corrupt. Incentives arereduced for departments where corruption has been discovered and not reported by theemployees themselves. A mandatory five years imprisonment is compulsory for any corrupt worker (apart fromseizure of all earnings since inception).
  4. 4. ☻ one of the ways can be by computerization, privitation, punish not only the first level butalso the higher level .☻ At the end of the day common public will criticize bureaucrats or politicians for all sort ofsocial troubles . But we cant only blame them every single citizen in India is responsible for bestand worst in country . We need to act we should be able to do social campaigning for thedevelopment of India and eventually a social option should be evolved.☻ WE the youth of country should come forward and make sure that we don not becomepart of this corrupt system because we are future of our country and can make difference .☻ and most importantly making more strict laws with more severe punishment can help toweed of corruption.
  5. 5. ☻ The right to information should be added to the list of fundamental rights .☻ campaigning , street play.☻ Establishment of special courts.
  6. 6. ♦ Implementation of rules and regulations.♦Transparency♦ Start from yourself.
  7. 7.  Competition success review, July issue