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Creating Workflows for Sustainable Link Building.pptx

  1. 1. Dixon Jones Majestic Creating Workflows for Sustainable Link Building @Majestic @Dixon_Jones Email: With “BrightonTalk” in the subject to get slides
  2. 2. Do Links Still Matter Shirt:
  3. 3. Does Link Building Still Matter? Shirt: Gary Illyes, Oct. 2016
  4. 4. Shirt: Gary Illyes, Oct. 2016 Contradiction: Search Engine Round Table Gary Illyes, Sept. 2017
  5. 5. 7 Super Practical Examples 1. The Really Low Hanging Fruit (404s) 2. The Internal Link Tricks 3. Original Insights & Research 4. Reference-able Content 5. Authoritative Content 6. Valuable Content 7. Data Driven Content No Time! TO SEE THE EXAMPLES Get the whole deck: Email: With “BrightonTalk” in the subject
  6. 6. How many links is “Enough”? • It’s not that simple of course • Links have wildly different “strengths” • Internal links affect the strength • But we CAN Estimate page strength Moz: Page Authority Majestic: Citation Flow Google: Page Rank
  7. 7. How many links is “Enough”?
  8. 8. How many links is “Enough”? B A
  9. 9. Another Problem for SEOs
  10. 10. Seeing Outbound Links at Scale Ahrefs
  11. 11. How many Links is “Enough”? (Alternative Answer… Same Logic) 1(or even 0*) * Nil suggests internal links to the target page from other pages on the site. Links Still Matter!
  12. 12. Creating the Workflow Identify the right Influencers Engage Define the Digital asset Prepare the Launch Monitor Results
  13. 13. 287 Filter See Their Mouthpiece Identifying the Relevant Influencers Mavens Connectors Salespeople Source: Wikipedia
  14. 14. Identifying the Relevant Influencers
  15. 15. Identifying the Relevant Influencers • Tools – Buzzsumo – Clique Hunter • Connection – LinkedIn is Great – Email is good – Facebook is… OK – Twitter is a stepping stone – (Reddit? Forum? Many More)
  16. 16. Engage (Hardest bit to do right) • Networking! It’s your chemistry, not the tools – Beer, 1-1s, BUILD Trust, Be honest, be sincere. • Tools… OK… I guess you want tools too – Me: Infusionsoft, Sendible, Outlook – (& for me Custom back end)
  17. 17. Define the Digital Asset • Actually – Content need NOT be king • The best asset is a unique: – idea – Product – Process? Not “just” a URL
  18. 18. Prep the Launch. (This is Key) • Prepare the announcement and send them a Preview • Tell them the link url and exact time of launch • Remind them it is live.
  19. 19. What Will Your Next “Thing” Be? • New… • Authoritative… • Reference-able… • Unique… • Yours… • Valuable?
  20. 20. Links Still Matter! Shirt: • @Dixon_Jones • @Majestic No Time! TO SEE THE EXAMPLES Get the whole deck: Email: With “BrightonTalk” in the subject
  21. 21. Why Links Still Matter Shirt:
  22. 22. Why Links Still Matter Why People Share Content Why People Link To Content To share entertaining content To nourish relationships To get the word out about causes they care for To share helpful and valuable content To be part of a tribe and define themselves As reference to support an article To share authoritative content including research and facts To share valuable content such as guides To share New information To share Data that Changes
  23. 23. Low Hanging Fruit (404s) • Via Raw Log Files • Or Google Search Console • Pages Tab on Majestic or Moz or other tools – (This way includes 404s of Competitors)
  24. 24. The Internal Link Trick • Find Underperforming Pages • Link (logically) to them Internally • Find Via: – Rank checking – Moz/Majestic Metrics – Ratio of traffic : Search Referrals on Logs
  25. 25. Original Insights & Research
  26. 26. Valuable Content
  27. 27. Original Insights & Research
  28. 28. Why? Authoritative research Significant data point
  29. 29. Reference-able Content
  30. 30. Data Driven Content

Notas del editor

  • Thanks for taking the time to listen to me.
    I want to start by following on from Fili’s viewpoint and then move on to a methodology I use for link building.
  • Given that Fili’s Mantra is “create awesomeness” one might ask, Do links still matter?
    We should regularly ask this question, to check we are not wasting our time.
    It also helps to get authoritative & third party confirmation of this. Eric Enge & Mark Traphagen.
  • We also tend to hang onto every word that Googlers say…
  • Earlier this month, Gary said this… which also plays to Fili’s main points. So I am going to look a little bit at why Gary said that and what we can do about it (if anything)
  • In doing so, I had to drop a whole bunch of examples of how to get links. So I have put these slides onto the end of this presentation. If you would like it, send an email.
  • OK – let’s go back to Gary’s point, that you cannot tell (or cannot easily tell) what links Google counts. Another way this concept surfaces is when people ask you “How many links is enough”. How many people have been asked this question?
    I find this lego pyramid a good way to visualize the problem. If each 1X1 lego square is a page on the internet, the pages on the second row are MASSIVELY more influencial than the third row… and fourth etc.
    But there are many less pages near the top of the pyramid that the bottom.
  • So how does that manifest itself? Well whilst you can use a massive algo to find the strength of a page, based on links, this does not necessary correlate to link counts!
  • Another way to visualise this…
  • But that is not the full story either… there is another problem for link builders in evaulauting what is a good link.
  • The “Right” influencer is not a web page!
    The right influencers are > Extremely authoritative in your niche > What Malcom Gladwell terms Connectors (as opposed to Sales people or Mavens)... You are probably the Maven here… not the salesperson, btw.
  • We have already seen that the ranking page does NOT have to be the one getting the killer links! So this is GREAT! You do not need to get people to link to a page… they just need to engage with the idea that you are launching or announcing!
  • Shares happen quickly, people move on. Found recently that scheduled content performs far worse than immediate content. Maybe issue has passed or they already seen that article you scheduled for 2 days time.
  • Another example of updated data
  • Another example of updated data