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Energy2Green Review - Free Green Energy For Hundreds instead of Thousands?

A wild claim testing review of the buzz-creating DIY solar and wind energy kit from my blog

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Energy2Green Review - Free Green Energy For Hundreds instead of Thousands?

  1. 1. Share Report Abuse Next Blog» Create Blog Sign I diy energy for home Learn how to turn earth energy into your home's private and free power plant. Down to earth articles and reviews reveal green saving solar/wind trade secrets coveted by the grassroots energy movement. l Home FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010 DIY ENERGY REVIEWS Energy2Green Review - Free Green Energy For Hundreds instead l Energy2Green Review of Thousands? Review Snapshot TOPICS Reviewed: Energy2Green by Tomas Haynes l diy solar guides (1) Rating: ****' 4.5 Star l diy wind guides (1) Guarantee: Yes, 60 Day No-Questions Price: $47 (site says this is the sale price but l energy2green review (1) this is just the use of a widely practiced marketing gimmick from what I can tell) BLOG ARCHIVE The Straight Goods: A downloadable DIY solar and wind guide with illustrated PDF and video ▼  2010 (1) Simply Put: A crash course in frugal DIY Solar ▼  June (1) and Wind that you will be able to pass with flying Energy2Green Review - colors. Free Green Energy For Hundr... Highlights:Complete system, can save you thousands on commercial kits, excellent advice for getting paid top dollar by utility company, wise maintenance tips, video shows you AUTHOR'S INTRODUCTION everything, invaluable energy conservation tips Alton Tolleson Lowlights: Lacks rebate info, not flexible or scalable enough, instuctions could be more I've created this site to show straightforward. you how a grassroots Recommendation: Go for Earth4Energy instead, or at least try out both and take your pick since movement of wind and solar they are fully refundable and you get to keep them for free if not satisfied. savers are turning green energy into green money for Click Here to Visit Energy2Green pennies on the dollar. I'm convinced that once you have Click Here to Visit Earth4Energy (my top rated guide 2010) the trade secrets and some down to earth instructions for cashing in on solar and wind Energy2Green isn't just a step by step guide to building your own energy system harnessing renewable without massively forking out, and free sources. It's a promise that you can start saving $220 per month by spending as little as $200, which you'll find in my articles and reviews, you'll be money that will be cash in your pocket after the first month you implement sun and wind power motivated to make a lifetime technologies. dividend paying investment in your future and the earth's Does Energy2Green really live up to this kind of commercial solar and wind industry bashing? Is it really with diy green energy. a high school science project cheap and easy solution to grossly inflated utilities costs and the View my complete profile unbecoming effects they have on the earth? When you really look past the seemingly outrageous (to anyone who is stuck in the normality and formality that is paying for something that can be harnessed endlessly for free) claims you realize that this guide strikes at the essence of the future of energy, a future that is not being ventured into by the masses because the power companies clearly don't want to give up their stranglehold on how you power your life. Therein lies the opportunity that this program capitalizes on: the ability for everyday people to step off the solar and wind sidelines that you've been on due to the exorbitant costs due mainly to low demand and step into the future of solar energy by knowing the trade secrets for acquiring the solar/wind energy puzzle pieces and how to piece this concept together . The trade secrets that enable energy2green to stand by the hard to believe claim that you build a solar or wind power system for a couple of hundred that retail for over a couple thousand, reveal: how to source your materials for a bargain and without searching the world over how to take shortcuts as well as cost cuts that don't cut corners how to make sure that you maintain your panels so that you investment keeps returning for years to come
  2. 2. Click Here to Visit Energy2Green Energy2Green likes to harp on the angle of you, the little guy, against the power company, the big guy, sparking noble, innate proclivities in all of us to standing up against the oppressor and rising above tyranny, and so on. What's interesting about this is that in this case, we really have a modern day uprising against energy tyranny underfoot sparked by this program and others like it. The energy companies have gouged us, just because they can. And they have kept the truth about alternative energy from us to protect this interest. Now, because people like Tomas Haynes have an interest in exposing the truth (also monetary in nature but I guess that's just life) and so few of us know we have an inner Spartucus or what have you, we can enter into the emperors stadium and beat him at his own vile games. The way Energy2Green allows you to do this is not novel but effective nonetheless. The heart of the course is a PDF (readable in the free adobe reader) guide that is illustrated and gives you not only a working knowledge of how to implement solar or wind at home but a working ability to implement it for pennies on the dollar. The DVD included will enable you to see over the shoulder of someone who has done this project before as he goes through the motions which is handy for those that learn best visually. If you want to take things to the next level and start using every angle available to you to generate energy thriftily and efficiently of your own accord than the bonus guides Haynes sweetens the pot with will likely be a highly enlightening and empowering (puns fully intended) read. Click Here to Visit Energy2Green The thing this guide really lacks is proper insight into how to get rebates in your area for your alternative energy efforts. On the topic of reclaiming your investment, it does do an excellent job though in showing you how to make sure your energy company pays you every cent for the energy you produce as they are obligated to do. The other edge this guide has over its competitors (and their are many) is the tips it offers for actually cutting your bills down to size in no cost or lower-than-solar cost ways, so your can cut your job of solar and wind powering your house down to size and spend less in the process. If you are serious about putting your home into the green-green situation that is getting paid by your power company and going green at the same time (I'm not going to hammer you over the head with the unsubstantiated Global Warming guilt trip, expecting some Pavlovian response, which is what I'm inclined to think Haynes is trying to do) than I do recommend this guide. Like similar guides, it does reveal the best trade secrets out their for capturing earth energy on the cheap. Having said that, if you're thinking about possibly getting off the grid altogether at some point, I recommend you check out, which gives you a graduated approach to turning your house into a solar and wind powerhouse. What sets it apart is an excellent guage for how much power you are consuming at any given time for any given appliance.  In other words, it allows you to start with  a prime energy sucking culprit like the fridge for example and then scale up to powering all your appliances before you power your whole house and see your last utility bill. As far as written and illustrated instructions go Earth4Energy's are a lot more down to earth I find and the downloadable videos included have a much more professional and solar-illiterate friendly feel. Another unessential but highly valuable component of earth4energy that isn't answered by its Energy2Green counterpart,  is it's continually updated and complete list of rebates for homeowners  using solar or wind.   You can't go wrong with either guide since they both allow you to turn a tiny (compared to similar premade products) investment into free and green energy  into hundreds in yearly savings. However,  since both are the same price ($47) and come with virtually identical, no-nonsense guarantees, I would take the one that has more flexibility and better teaching and that one is, by a narrow but altogether apparent margin, Earth4Energy. Go check out Energy2Green here Or check out Earth4Energy here
  3. 3. Posted by Alton Tolleson at 1:53 AM Labels: diy solar guides, diy wind guides, energy2green review 0 comments: Post a Comment What's your take... 5 6 Comment as: Select profile... 6 Post Comment Preview Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE To enable me to keep producing content for you, many products linked to on this site are done so with affiliate links, which allow me the opportunity to earn a commision if you purchase the product and benefit enough from it to merit keeping it. I recommend products on the merit of their value to you above all and ensure products linked to offer tested no-reason required guarantees and are instantly downloadable/refundable to safegaurd against your disatisfaction Copyright 2010 DIY Energy For Home. Simple template by Josh Peterson. Powered by Blogger. converted by