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121107 los romanticos_emotitoast2

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121107 los romanticos_emotitoast2

  1. 1. Start Your Day With Plenty of Smiles!
  2. 2. . . . Start It With Emoti-Toast
  3. 3. Much More Than Toast• Emoti-Toast feeds your stomach and your soul with a wide range of positive emoticons made from toast• And Emoti-Toast also comes with a full set of letters to make leaving informative and tasty messages easier than ever!• Is it toast? Is it a Post-It? It’s both!
  4. 4. Emoti-Toast: feed your stomach and soul… and leave a message too!* Emoti-Text available in Latin, Greek, Modern and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic alphabets. Check you localstores for availability and local State Department for restrictions on use of certain alphabets in your country.
  5. 5. No Paper? No Problem!• Never run out without leaving a message again
  6. 6. Give Your Kids A Plateful of Love Or A Reminder Of Your Smile
  7. 7. Three Delicious Flavors• Wheat• White• Seven Grains• Gluten-free coming soon
  8. 8. And While You’re At It – Feed The World• 50% of our profits go directly to local food banks and disaster relief efforts – In New York we support the Food Bank of NY
  9. 9. Emoti-Toast: feed your stomach and soul… and leave a message too!