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Politzer aypa 121101_svl

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Assignment 2. Stanford Venture Lab. Creativity with Tina Seelig.

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Politzer aypa 121101_svl

  1. 1. Are You Paying Attention? Venture Lab Assignment #2 Dan Politzer
  2. 2. List of stores• RadioShack (RS)• Design Within Reach (DWR)• Tango• Banana Republic (BR)• Ann Taylor Loft (Loft)• CVS
  3. 3. Before entering the store RS DWR Tango BR Loft CVS Some. Ads Yes. Huge Yes. Beautiful Somewhat. No. Not for me No. with low- windows. display Large photos (gender andDoes the store priced sale including some and age). draw you in? items. of the clothes. mannequins. Closed. Closed. Open. Closed. Closed. Closed. Door Fine. As Peaceful. Welcome. Negative. Okay. Double Neutral. Feeling expected. door helps. Medium Small. Clean Medium plus. Medium, Large. Sans Large. lettering. sans-serif Sans-serif. serifed font. serif. Standard CVS Sign Radioshack lettering. colors. standard font sans-serif Practical. Not Attractive. Clean + spare Classic. Bold. Not Tells me it isInfo from all of fancy. Clean. = expensive. demure. CVS. above
  4. 4. Environment (1) RS DWR Tango BR Loft CVS Red and white. Bone white. White and Brown/beige. White on White. Gray.Color scheme Not relaxing. Neutral for beige. Neutral. Boring. white. Positive and effect display. energy. Dark carpet Blonde wood. Tile. Not a Hard tile in White lino. Carpet tiles. Type of floor tile. Damps Light, clean. great fit. front. Wood in sounds. back of store. 9 feet. A bit 14 feet. 9 feet. Too low. 18 feet? Airy, 12 feet. Feels 12 feet. HelpsCeiling height low. Spacious, airy. Feels cramped. relaxed and right. offset height of private. shelves. Bright. Does Well lighted, Medium Medium. Feels Bright. Too Well lighted. Brightly lit not encourage but not overly lighting. blah. much for me. browsing. bright. Neutral. Quiet. Quiet. Low radio. Medium low. Loud. Quiet. Loudness TV – annoying None. Radio/music. Music. Radio. n/aSource of noise but got me to look at TVs. No music. None. Fits. Pop Okay. Yes. Fits. n/a Music? Fit? music. Boring/bland. Warm. Warm. Neutral. Neutral. Warm. Neutral. Warm/Cold?
  5. 5. Environment (2) RS DWR Tango BR Loft CVS Medium. Medium/Spare A little sparse Medium. Crowded. Crowded.Crowded with but goodmerchandise? amount. No. No. No. No. No. No. Smell Middle of store. Near front but Front. Towards back Back. Front. Cash register very discreet. at bottom of stairs. Visibility of Visible camera. Not at all No. Discreet Visible Yes. store security visible. cameras. cameras. Not long. Comfortable Not long. I Not long. Not long. A bit Not long.Stay how long for browsing. was overwhelming. INVISIBLE. Practical + Curation Curation Boring and not Sense of Value and Environment/ straightforward increases increases a strong possible selection.perceived value = value. perceived perceived message is bargains, not value. value. negative. high end.
  6. 6. Personnel RS DWR Tango BR Loft CVS No contact Several No contact. 10 seconds. No contact. No contact. Time to contact minutes. n/a No. n/a Yes. n/a n/a Scripted No. Customers Yes. Yes. Regulars No. Yes. I was only No. Variation in initiate. Consultative. get different male. Most treatment treatment. others were offered help. Ratio 1:1 1:1 1:1 2:1 (midday) 0.25:1 0.1:1(sales:customers) 20s, male. 20s female, 20s and 40s, 20s, male and 20s female. Early 20s,Employee age and 30s male. female. female. female and gender male Salespeople use No. n/a Yes. Yes. Yes. n/a store products Yes. Shirts. No. No. Yes (brand No. Yes. Uniform clothes). Not sure. Yes. Yes. Yes. More or less, Yes.Salespeople match but a bit store image sloppy.
  7. 7. Products RS DWR Tango BR Loft CVS First product Phones. Table and Jewelry. Shirts. Shirts. Candy. noticed sofa. Yes. Rack of No. Two central No. Yes. Yes. Central display phones. tables. Shirts and sweaters. Where are sale Throughout. Throughout. Back. Alcove. Side alcove. Near checkout. Central items Out of the way. display. Product Function. Function, Function. Function and Function. Function. arrangement room style. style. No. No. No. No. No. No. Samples, demos Phones. n/a Dresses. Main clothing More expensive Most Eye level Jackets. pieces. pieces. frequent. Cheap parts Chairs. Shoes, sales Sale items. Petites. Least Least accessible and adapters. items. frequent. Most and least M: front M: first big M: sides M: back Both in middle. M: back expensive L: back room L: t-shirts in L: side alcove L: front locations L: upstairs middle Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.Prices easy to findImpulse items near Yes. No. Some but not Yes. Yes. Yes. register cheap.
  8. 8. Customers RS DWR Tango BR Loft CVSAlone/Together. Alone. Together. Alone. Alone. Together, friends. Alone. Relationship Broad range. 40s and up. 30s – 50s 30s female. 30s female. Wide range,Age and gender Male and female. more women. female. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Varies. Path Less than 10 15+ minutes. 15+ minutes. 10-15 minutes. 10 minutes. 5 minutes. Stay how long minutes.Touch products, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. encouraged Mission. Browsing. Browsing. Browsing. Browsing. Mission.Mission/browsing Percent who 75% Less than 50% Not sure. 25-30% Nearly 100% purchase 25% Probably 25%