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Search To Social Search, Danny Sullivan

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A historical review of the search industry, from traditional search to "social" search, by Danny Sullivan. This presentation was given at the Graphing Social Patterns conference on 10/8/07.

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Search To Social Search, Danny Sullivan

  1. Search To Social Search Danny Sullivan Editor-In-Chief Search Engine Land
  2. 1st Gen: “On The Page”  Search engines “crawl” links to pages  They make copies of pages they find and store in a book-like “index”  They find pages using words you searched for  The location and frequency of words influences which ranks tops
  3. 1st Gen Spamming Want to be tops? “Stuff” a bunch of keywords into your web page
  4. 1st Gen Spamming
  5. 1st Gen Spamming
  6. 1st Gen Spamming
  7. 2nd Gen: “Off The Page”  Use factors off the page that webmasters can’t manipulate (so easily)  Clickthrough  Links: “democratic nature of the web”  AKA PageRank though PageRank is importance of links  Other key factor is anchor text, actual words in the links
  8. 2nd Gen Issues People begin overtly manipulating links – thinking about votes, campaigning for votes and even buying votes…
  9. 3rd Gen ???  “Vertical” search  Focus on a particular topic, such as news  Personalized & Social Search  Reshaping results based on…  What you personally do or visit  What others you know do or visit  What people in aggregate do or visit
  10. Google Personalized Search Results are reordered based on what’s deemed to be your personal preferences. Pages move up, down, in or out of top 10
  11. Personalization Influencers  Google Personalized Home Page content  Google Bookmarks  Search History (Clicks)  Web History (Visits)…
  12. Search & Web History
  13. Social Search  Eurekster experimented with friend clicks reshaping results in 2004  Yahoo My Web promised to let us tag and use a network to reshape results…
  14. Yahoo My Web
  15. Yahoo My Web
  16. My Web & Old Search Features
  17. Social Search Reality  Neither really has succeeded  The Promise & Reality Of Mixing The Social Graph With Search Engines   Eurekster says “swickis” much better  Yahoo dropped many features quietly  But what about Facebook?
  18. Facebook & Search  Social graph (ugh) / social network data is potentially useful  Watch what others are searching on  Monitor clicks in a more “trusted” environment  Reshape results based on what you friends seem to like  But who are your friends…
  19. Future Facebook?
  20. Facebook & Search  Do you have to filter to “true” friends?  Do you then still need to consider what you’ll share?  Does Facebook instead work on aggregate level?  And what’s the underlying platform? They’ll likely remain dependent on someone else…
  21. Facebook & Search  Go vertical? People search?  Plenty in the space, Spock among them…  search.php  Or events search  Upcoming rival  Others?  Or discovery…
  22. Search Versus Discovery  Search is an on-demand, have particular need to fulfill activity  Discovery is related but less specific in what you want  StumbleUpon, Digg  iGoogle related magic tabs
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