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Internet governance fairytale desiree miloshevic

Internet politics and Internet governance Fairytale ala Princess Bride

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Internet governance fairytale desiree miloshevic

  1. 1. Internet governance by Desiree Miloshevic Internet Society (ISOC) Board Trustee Emeritus International Affairs and Policy Adviser, Afilias The Guardian Activate 01/07/2010 London
  2. 2. The Tale ofInternet governance How did we get here,and where are we going next? A cyber-fairy tale for adults
  3. 3. Who governs the Internet?If “govern” means defining the rules of the game, the current answer is mostly private sector interests... but that could c hange at any tim eTo understand how and why, one must hearken back to a simpler age...
  4. 4. Industry Self-Governance... Unfamiliar? Uneasy?Today, if the concept of “industry self-regulation” is already familiar, it may not inspire warm feelings
  5. 5. However...all Pirates are the Not Same Sometimes they m ay actually be the good guys.....
  6. 6. The Tragic Love Triangle at the Heart of the IG StoryThe betrothed: The Sovereign:From humble origins, Late to the game,now a wildly successful but knows a goodinnovator/entrepreneur The Internet: thing when he sees it Simple but elegant, virtuous by design
  7. 7. The Tragic Love Triangle at the Heart of the IG StoryThe Sovereign, The scaryOverlord piratetries to put some very disruptiveorder The Internet: & makes his Simple but elegant, own rules virtuous by design
  8. 8. To win the Prize Each will seek out assistance from a Varietyof Colorful Characters, including...
  9. 9. Cybercrats (Internet-oriented technocrats)They represent the Sovereign and provide expert policy advice
  10. 10. Scientists and TechnologistsThey build and maintain the InternetMiraculous inventions...loved by many, feared by some... ?
  11. 11. Cyber-bedouins (a rag-tag mix of globe-trotting scholars, activists, and advocates)The “usual suspects” at IG events around the world...Drawn to Internet Governance for many different (often issue-specific) reasons, some are supported by industry stakeholders,others by research institutions, academia, or government, or ngos –Civil Society
  12. 12. The GraybeardsPresent at the creation, they remind us what’simportant:End-to-End Principle RFC1958Net NeutralityOpen development of Internet standards
  13. 13. The recurring Plot revolvesaround efforts by one group to secure the Prize against thenefarious machinations of its rival, which are Considered Harmful. For example, in a recent episode...
  14. 14. Shotgun Wedding
  15. 15. Shotgun Wedding…
  16. 16. A Story Without an Ending?In the novel of the same name that inspired the movie, author WilliamGoldman described the story so "a fairy tale for adults." By this he was referringto the fact that that the original story had no clear and unambiguous ending --did our heroes escape from the heavily armed cavalry at their heels? DidWesley survive his previously fatal injuries, and did he and Buttercup actually getaway live happily ever after? Goldman left these questions unanswered, becauseclosing that way was more true to life than the antiseptic, invariable happyresolutions that one finds at the ends of childrens fairy tales…Today, the conclusion of our story also yet to be determined. Maybe thats thebest outcome that we could hope for…
  17. 17. Thank yo u !http://ti ny /3ybdh no twitter: D es Desiree@