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Applied learning analytics for modular content (updated)

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Updated on 19 September 2017 @ 0715am

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Applied learning analytics for modular content (updated)

  1. 1. Applied learning analytics - from attention/engagement to learning/application (for teaching and learning) Blog with analytics Separate modular, byte-size posts Key words Quotes Links (to resources) Notes (online) Posted by students/trainees Incorporating key ideas Including key words Quotes Links (to resources) Visible outcomes Online posts of Q and A / Discussion points Assignments Using and applying ideas Transfer to Applying in Real world, practice Poh-Sun Goh Updated draft on 19 September 2017 @ 0330am Before During After Class / Learning Event from Bookmarking to Highlighting Note Taking Reflection/Commentary and Use Meaning makingCase-based, Experiences Promote Transfer Visibility of how CONTENT is used, its utility/usefulness Transformed Integrated Applied Curated Created Collected Selected Customised Personalised