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Matter changes jesus

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Matter changes jesus

  1. 1.  Physical changes: changes in the form or appearance of matter. These changes do not affect the substance that the matter is made of.  Changes in state: the transformations when matter changes from one physical state to another because of a change in temperature.
  2. 2. The boiling point is the temperature at which liquid changes to a gas.
  3. 3. Pure substances Mixtures  They have only one component.  A combination of two or more components.
  4. 4.  Heterogeneous Homogeneous
  5. 5. Magnetism Filtration Decantation Evaporation
  6. 6.  Changes in the composition of a substance. The majority of chemical changes are irreversible.
  7. 7. Simple Pure Substances Compounds  They consist of one element or type of matter.  They consist of two or more elements.
  8. 8. oxidation conductivity  Oxygen combines with substances to form new substances.  A type of oxidation. Combustion produces light and heat in the form of fire.