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Unit 2


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Unit 2

  1. 1. UNIT 2 Atmosphere, weather and climate
  2. 2. ATMOSPHERE • TROPOSPHERE: people can breathe, there are clouds, rainbows… We live in this layer. It is 17 km above the Earth’s surface. • STRATOSPHERE: It rises to about 50 km above sea level. It’s where jet planes fly. It contains the OZONE LAYER. Ozone is very important for the atmosphere because the UV-B rays is very BAD for people, ozone layer let us keep the Earth warm. • IONOSPHERE: It has very little air. It’s next to space and there are satellites here.
  3. 3. MEASURING THE WEATHER • A RAIN GAUGE measures precipitation. • A THERMOMETER measures the temperature in the air. • An ANEMOMETER tells the speed of the wind. • A BAROMETER tells us about the air pressure. • A WEATHER VANE tells us the direction of the wind.
  4. 4. CLIMATE The CLIMATE MAP of Spain