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Biting the Bullet: Changing the way we use PowerPoint

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This presentation urges academics to catch up with the worlds of business and design, and ending 'death by PowerPoint' for millions of students worldwide

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Biting the Bullet: Changing the way we use PowerPoint

  1. 1. Rediscovering POWERPOINT biting the BULLET
  2. 2. ACADEMICS USE a l l t h e t i m e POWERPOINT
  3. 3. word on the street…
  4. 4. St.
  5. 5. AND
  6. 6. from EXPERTS is that
  8. 8. AND quickly CONVEY meaning context effectively AND
  9. 9. a picture’s worth…
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  11. 11. + embed DEEP LEARNING t h r o u g h EMPATHY CONNECTION
  12. 12. c a r e f u l l y - c h o s e n
  13. 13. can communicate COMPLEX RELATIONSHIPS
  14. 14. like opaque social relations behind DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
  15. 15. some images NEED NO WORDS to make complex political and social points
  16. 16. images can prompt CURIOSITY
  17. 17. and make viewers want to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT
  18. 18. IMAGES
  19. 19. stimulate retention attention ENGAGEMENT and
  20. 20. information recalled after verbal delivery %
  21. 21. 65% information recalled after verbal AND image delivery
  22. 22. recent THINKING suggests IMAGES
  23. 23. can TRANSFORM the LITERAL to the FIGURATIVE
  24. 24. can convey social concepts like HEGEMONY
  25. 25. or REALISM
  26. 26. or the human impact of ABSTRACT CONCEPTS like ‘rule of Law’
  27. 27. images connect learners TO OTHER WORLDS
  28. 28. IMAGES CAN ENGAGE AUDIENCES there’s a human STORY here….
  29. 29. and they can connect students to powerful emotions that AID MEMORY
  30. 30. images can humanize the ‘Other’ and encourage EMPATHY and BALANCE
  31. 31. Africa map copyright bought by David Roberts Domestic violence free to share Oil spill in river Flickr licence Plunge in water 2 GIRLS DR Camcorder rear view DR Amputees DR War memorial flickr hive mind Chris Waits CC 2.0 Le Duc Tho permission for Associated Press by email REFERENCE ID: 00604977 Manimal copyright agreed by private arrangement at DeviantArt Guantanamo Bay CC 2.0 51 The end Flickr CC Mad Scientist: A scene from KUNG FU JOE, a film by Glen Berry. Picture courtesy Indican Pictures. All rights reserved Deforested city copyright