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Engaging with images + voiceover

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This method helps you make PowerPoint presentation engaging and interesting whilst ensuring better comprehension and recall. The secret is no secret: a picture's worth a thousand words. This shows you how to invert the usual PowerPoint presentation so people will come up to you afterwards and ask you how you did it

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Engaging with images + voiceover

  1. 1. engaging with images in lectures
  2. 2. balanced audio-visual learning
  3. 3. information recall after verbal delivery 10%
  4. 4. after verbal + image delivery
  5. 5. images can illustrate and inform…
  6. 6. aid to comprehension
  7. 7. mis/representation?
  8. 8. communicating complex social inter-relationships
  9. 9. visualizing fundamental debates
  10. 10. a stimulant for engagement
  11. 11. how do we know this?
  13. 13. the use of pictures… has helped me understand the subject… [and] photos help clarify difficult issues
  14. 14. a picture’s worth a thousand words
  15. 15. death by PowerPoint
  16. 16. contact me, David Roberts, at or on 07964 885660