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Cut the crap

From @LocalbySocial north west in Blackburn March 2011

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Cut the crap

  2. 2. Meet Johno
  3. 3. The Solution Hound Cut The DogHopscotch Crap Pound
  4. 4. enforcement Hound HopscotchTag-a-turd and mappingProvide public information eg location of dog parks and poop binsSMS facilityLeaderboard[Lead: council]
  5. 5. community Cut the CrapShare stories – dog owners, people caught out, poop pickers, kidsCampaignsTake pride in your pooch – good dog owners do…[Lead: dog sanctuary]
  6. 6. special interest Dog PoundDog owners clubRegister dogHints and tipsAsk people what they would like to see to support themPoops mean prizes[Lead: local dog breeder]
  7. 7. Support and SustainabilityTechnology buildPartner organisations to work with us / leadeach strandAdvertisingProduct discounts and tie ups