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Sma2012 q3-121029021700-phpapp01

  1. 1. The State of Mobile AdvertisingQ3 2012Insights from OperaThe world’s leading mobile ad platform 10,000 + 40 BILLION + $400 MILLION + projected revenue to sites & applications ad impressions per month mobile publishers in 2012 Publishers include … Advertisers include …In this edition of the State of Mobile Advertising report, based on data collected from Opera’ssubsidiaries AdMarvel, Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising, we will cover insights from thethird quarter of 2012, with a focus on three key areas of business:1. A look at monetization across devices, geography and publisher category2. A deep dive into the United Kingdom — the top performing market in Europe3. What’s next in mobile ad creative, featuring examples from two global automotive brands © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. The State of Mobile AdvertisingiPhone continues as the top OS in monetization performanceOnce again, this quarter, iOS leads the pack in monetization performance with an averageeCPM of $1.64. This outperforms the global average eCPM of $1.31 by over 25%.Traf c share iOS Android Other RIM Symbian 46.37% 25.66% 20.04% 4.40% 3.35% OS share % of traf c % of revenue eCPM iOS 46.37% 58.40% $1.64 - iPhone 30.43% 34.38% $1.48 - iPad 5.08% 17.19% $4.42 - iTouch 10.81% 6.83% $0.82 Android 25.66% 16.79% $0.88 RIM 4.40% 4.15% $1.06 Symbian 3.53% 0.99% $0.37 Other 20.04% 19.67% $1.28 © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. The State of Mobile AdvertisingSports = No. 1 category for mobile ad revenueMobile apps drive 73% of revenue across the platformThe overperformance of mobile web is attributed to the relative scarcity of impressions, whichresults in a higher eCPM for publishers.Business, Finance & Investing continues to generate the most revenue per impressionAmong all of the publisher categories, Business, Finance & Investing generates morerevenue per impression than any other publisher category. However, this last quarter, the rapidlygrowing Sports category — closely followed by Music, Video & Media — caught, and thenovertook, the Business category in terms of total revenue.Site category SocialBusiness, Finance & Investing Music, Video & Media Games Computers & Electronics News & Information Sports Arts & Entertainment Health, Fitness & Self Help Other 0 6.25 12.5 18.75 25 % of revenue % of impressionsOne noteworthy trend to watch isthe fast trajectory of total Social Social News & InformationMedia impressions. As publishers in Business, Finance & Investing Sportsthis category enhance and optimize Music, Video & Media Arts & Entertainmenttheir ad offerings, look for levels of Games Health, Fitness & Self Helpmonetization to climb accordingly. Computers & Electronics Other © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. The State of Mobile AdvertisingNorth America is the home of 7 out of 10 mobile ad requestsAcross the Opera platform, North America (United States & Canada) continues to generate thevast majority of ad requests (70%).While the list of top countries is similar to that of Q2, Top 25 countries by impressionsthe average ll rate improved from 85.2% to 87.4%. United StatesOne area of particular interest is the widening gap Indonesiabetween the average eCPM of US and EU5 countries and Canadathat of the global and “Rest of World” (ROW) countries. InQ2, we saw the EU5 eCPM rate almost identical to the United Kingdom (EU5)global average, while the ROW average was approximately India17% less than the global average. Today, we find the EU5 Russian Federationbelow the global average with the ROW trailing by almost44%. Japan Mexico 2% 2% Italy (EU5) Australia Vietnam 14% Africa Ukraine Middle East France (EU5) 10% Asia Paci c China European Union Central & Latin America South Africa 70% 1.3% North America Netherlands Saudi Arabia Germany (EU5) Singapore Nigeria eCPM by region Malaysia Global average eCPM $1.31 Brazil US eCPM $1.37 Philippines EU5 eCPM $1.13 Spain (EU5) Rest of World $0.73 Republic of Korea © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. The State of Mobile AdvertisingDeep dive into the United Kingdom: Mobile as a culture companion,wellness toolThe United Kingdom is our best performing market in Europe, ahead of Italy and France. It’sa market with much promise: according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB)advertising expen- diture report, mobile ad spend grew 132% year-over-year to reach $291.6million in the first half of 2012. Mobile now accounts for 7% of all digital ad spend in the UnitedKingdom.We took a deeper look at the types of impressions across our UK traffic and found that UKmobile users are similar to the rest of the world in that their top destinations are SocialNetworking (30%) and Music, Video & Media (22.5%) sites and apps. Comparatively, visits tothese categories are slightly higher than the global average.However, UK mobile users are considerably less likely than their global counterparts to playgames, consume content about computers & electronics and use their phones for sportsinformation. They are more likely to interact with content in the Arts & Entertainment and theHealth, Fitness & Self Help categories.Impressions Social Music, Video & MediaBusiness, Finance & Investing Games News & Information Computers & Electronics Sports Arts & Entertainment Health, Fitness & Self Help Other 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 UK users Global average © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. The State of Mobile AdvertisingStrong showing for UK smartphone usageWhile the rest of the world, particularly the United States, seems to be moving away from RIM’sBlackBerry device, UK adoption is still strong. Traf c from BlackBerry devices isnearly 4 times that of the US levels. 53.9% of UK traf c comes from BlackBerry 14% of US traf c comes from Blackberry © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. The State of Mobile AdvertisingWhat’s next in Mobile Creative? Mobile CreativePerhaps the most exciting part about mobile advertising is theopportunity to be truly creative, the ability to use (and even invent) best practicesentirely new types of ad units and visual experiences that push Challenge the user’sconsumers to interact and engage with the brand. expectations. For Mazda, we used a “break-in”As we noted in Q2, campaigns that take full advantage of the unit that enters from the outsidesophisticated capabilities of modern smartphones (e.g., HTML5, and places the ad in position. Thecamera, video) result in higher dwell times and interaction rates expanded unit dynamically dragspost-click. the ad across the screen, causing surprise, as the user is accustomedThis quarter, we’ve observed from our most successful creative to the static screen content of their mobile web browser.campaigns that those that emphasize fun and simplicity catalyzedthe most user interaction and brand stickiness, while innovative, Appeal to the ad units delivered click-through rates of 5% and higher. They Mazda’s robotic arm effect wasalso generated the most revenue and publisher satisfaction. visually satisfying because of the movement, and Fiat’s bright, boldThese best practices are illustrated below, in two campaigns we colors served to add an elementran in the United Kingdom for two global automotive brands. of fun to its campaign – also in alignment with the nature of the brand.MazdaDynamic creative demonstrating the car as strong, but light. Invite the user to create and customize. Mobile users are accustomed both to playing games and creative expression such as taking photos, sketching or even including emoticons within email and text messages. Ads that allow them to continue to play and create on their phones offer incredible brand engagement opportunities. The Fiat campaign, for example, allowedFiat 500 consumers to swipe the color ontoA swipe changes the color of the car, showing customizability the car, letting them customize the image as they would want to customize their cars in real life. SHOW REEL © Copyright 2012, Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved. 7