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Funny english for everybody

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project plan

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Funny english for everybody

  1. 1. PROJECT Project Idea: Learninga new languageat any age is an enormously rewarding experience in many ways. Whilelanguage learningis an enriching experiencefor all ages, kindergarten children have the most to gain from this wonderfuladventure. Starting early to study aforeign language offers the widest possible set of benefits and opportunities. Children understand intuitively that languageis something to explore, to play around withand to enjoy and their enthusiasm is very infectiousand effective. Project coordinator: VACARI DORINA Sponsor School: PIGymnasium Nr. 2, town Drochia, Kindergarten Nr. 3, town Drochia. City: Drochia Country: Moldova Project description 1. Project Duration:4 months Start date: 14/01/2016 End date: 14/04/2016 2. General project description: Wewill teach English to 22 children (aged 5-6)usingdifferentmethods, strategies and didactic materials as: games, cartoons, movies, songs, coloring worksheets, etc. that will awakechildren`s curiosity for learningEnglish.
  2. 2. 3. Project main goal: a) To arousechildren`s interest and pleasurefor learningEnglish. b) To develop children`sability to express simplemessages in English. 4. Project objectives: Duringthe projectthe children will participate at: English lessons (words, greetings, rhymes…) Video sessions(cartoons, songs…) Competitions and gamesin English 5. Project key personnel: 1. Advertising- RusuAlice-Oana/ Rusu Louise-Chelsea 2. Expenses- TartusDan/ MoldovanSvetlana 3. The programimplementation – RusuTatiana 4. English lessons – VacariDorina 6. Project partners(national or international): 1. PI Gymnasium Nr. 2, town Drochia 2. The YouthCouncil from PI Gymnasium Nr. 2 3. Kindergarten Nr. 3, town Drochia 7. Local and Global audience:Parents,children,Educators. 8. Procedure:
  3. 3. STAGE ACTIVITIES METHODS AND PROCEDURES DATE PARTICIPANTS RESOURCES RESPONSIBLE 1. Interviewing parents about learning English in the kindergarten. Questionnaire for parents about learning English in the kindergarten. Analyzing the answers. 29.12.2015 School volunteers 30 printed questionnaires Tartus Dan Rusu Tatiana Vacari Dorina 2. Preparing the event. Advertisement. Working on the advertisement. 30.12.2015 Set of colored pencils and paper. Pens, glue, stickers, Markers. Rusu Alice-Oana Rusu Louise-Chelsea Announcement Announcing the children about the event 05.01.2016 Rusu Tatiana 3. ORGANIZING THE EVENT Lesson1 GOOD MORNING greetings introducing oneself 14.01.2016 21.01.2016 School volunteers Computer Toys Rusu Alice-Oana Rusu Louise-Chelsea Lesson2 NUMBERS teaching numbers (1- 10) 28.01.2016 School volunteers Flashcards, Games, Video Tartus Dan Moldovan Svetlana Lesson3 COLOURS teaching colours 04.02.2016 School volunteers Laptop, Flashcards, Toys. Rusu Alice-Oana Rusu Louise-Chelsea Lesson4 AT KINDERGARTEN teaching kindergarten things 11.02.2016 18.02.2016 School volunteers Flashcards, Toys, Real objects. Tartus Dan Moldovan Svetlana Lesson5 MY FAMILY teaching members of a family 25.02.2016 School volunteers Computer, Photos Rusu Alice-Oana
  4. 4. Lesson6 MY BODY teaching the body parts 03.03.2016 School volunteers Computer, Flashcards Rusu Louise-Chelsea Lesson7 FRUITS teaching fruits describing fruits` colour 10.03.2016 School volunteers Computer Flashcards Tartus Dan Lesson8 VEGETABLES teaching vegetables describing vegetables` colour 17.03.2016 School volunteers Computer Flashcards Moldovan Svetlana Lesson9 ANIMALS teaching domestic animals 24.03.2016 School volunteers Computer Photos Flashcards Rusu Alice-Oana Rusu Louise-Chelsea Lesson10 MY HOUSE teaching the parts of a house 31.03.2016 07.04.2016 School volunteers Mold house Tartus Dan Moldovan Svetlana Lesson11 REVISION revision of all the studied material 14.04.2016 School volunteers School teacher Worksheets Rusu Alice-Oana Rusu Louise-Chelsea Tartus Dan Moldovan Svetlana Vacari Dorina 4. Evaluation of the project impact on kids. Creating a questionnaire about the studied lessons. Interviewing participants. Analyzing the results. 15.04.2016 School volunteers Teacher Questionnaire Interview Rusu Alice-Oana Rusu Louise-Chelsea Tartus Dan Moldovan Svetlana 5. Dissemination of the project results in the community. The results (PPT/Movie) will be published in internet (blog, YouTube…) 16.04.2016 Teacher School volunteers PPT Movie Vacari Dorina