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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing - Women's Council of REALTORS Webinar

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E-mail is still the preferred method of communication and a cost effective approach to reaching your clients. However, it doesn't seem to work for some businesses.

In this webinar, we will take a systematic approach to creating value-driven e-mail campaigns designed specifically for your target audiences, while minimizing the probability of your efforts ending up in a spam folder. Doug will provide you with tips for remaining relevant in your clients' e-mail in-boxes so that you can focus on building your company's brand and services.

In this webinar you will be able to:

* List the reasons why e-mail does not get delivered to recipients and learn how to overcome those obstacles.
* List the steps to creating value-driven e-mail campaigns to which others will want to subscribe and receive on a predetermined schedule.
* Define RSS e-mail campaigns and how to automate the sending of a monthly e-mail newsletter pulled from articles in your blog.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing - Women's Council of REALTORS Webinar

  1. 1. Do’s andDon’ts of EmailMarketing @DougDevitre
  2. 2. EmailMarketing/tabid/593/Default.aspx
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Don’ts
  6. 6. Pay someone to SPAM for you
  7. 7. (45,323,534,322,243)
  8. 8. [34,543,345]
  9. 9. Email Signature Too LongDoug Devitre e-PRO, CRS, GRI, ABR, MRE, PMNPrudential Alliance REALTORS®1588 South Lindbergh Blvd. Ste.210Ladue, MO 63131 314.496.5973 Cell314.754.8302 eFax314.997.7600 Search for all available homes for The first ever video blog in the Downtown St. Louis Metropolitan The first ever real estate podcast in the St. Louis The first ever virtual open house in the S. Louis Search for all available homes in the St. Louis Real Estate consulting and technology services for associations, companies and Search for area homes for sale in the St. Louis Search for more homes in the St. Louis while you are at Vote for I don’t know what this means but I am sure it will take you somewhere on the Okay I think you get the point about long email signaturesDesignationse-PRO – Certified internet marketing specialistMRE – Master of Real EstateCRS – Council of Residential SpecialistGRI – Graduate of the REALTOR® InstituteABR® - Accredited Buyer RepresentativePMN – Performance Management NetworkTRC – Transnational Referral CertifiedCHNS – Certified New Home SpecialistSRS – Sellers Representative Specialist
  10. 10. Email Signature Page 2TERMS & CONDITIONS This offer is valid only when applied to new registrations, and cannot be applied to transfers or cancellations. Offer expires May 31, 2008 and cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Use offer code LA1V. Attendance at the seminar must occur by October 31, 2008. Books will be shipped upon receipt of payment.E-MAIL AND PRIVACY POLICY You are subscribed as To unsubscribe from receiving future AMA e-mail, please modify your e-mail preferences. To view our privacy policy, click here.This e-mail message is intended solely for the person to whom it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you have received this e-mail in error, but are affiliated with the person to whom it is addressed, please notify the addressee that the e-mail has been received (otherwise delete it). Any review, dissemination, copying or printing or other use of this e-mail message by persons other than the addressee is prohibited.
  11. 11. Path of the Email Email
Server Email
Server Email
So3ware Email
So3wareOutlook Gmail Outlook Gmail
  12. 12. Path of the Email Email
Server Email
Server1. Server
SPAM Email
So3ware Email
So3ware2. Wrong
 address3. Outlook Server
out Gmail Outlook Gmail
  13. 13. Path of the Email Email
Server Email
Server1. Server
SPAM Email
So3ware Email
So3ware2. Wrong
 1. So3ware
SPAM address 2. Filtered
mail3. Outlook Server
out Gmail 3. User
opened Gmail Outlook
  14. 14. Where’s the link?
  15. 15. Thank God I have an Aunt in China
  16. 16. Thank God I have an Aunt in China
  17. 17. Finally a cure…
  18. 18. Finally a cure… Brain
  19. 19. Now you are speaking my language
  20. 20. Motivational
  21. 21. I Have ProblemsWith Technology
  22. 22. Dos
  23. 23. Email to Text Message
  24. 24. High Quality Links• Link to website blog• Link to blog entry• Subscribe to blog RSS feed• Link to PowerPoint presentation• Link to online documents• Link social media accounts• Link to call to action.
  25. 25. http:/
  26. 26. YouTube Playlists• Video testimonials• Neighborhood tour• Property tour• Screen capture videos• Live events• Mobile uploads• Personal
  27. 27. mortgage-delinquencies-by-state
  28. 28. DropBox
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Documents by FolderBuyers Sellers Marke2ng CompanyBroker
disclosure Broker
disclosure Flyer
templates Broker
presentaEon LisEng
contract Postcard
templates Referral
agreement LisEng
presentaEon PowerPoint
templates Training
applicaEon Homeowner
warranty Business
template Company
contract Condo
supplement Social
template Company
warranty MLS
sheet List
suppliers Press
address Lock
authorizaEon Signs
leXer Custom
designauthorizaEon Moving
noEce UElity
checklist Vendor
transfer RelocaEon
  31. 31. Links and Folders• Every document is a link• Every folder is a link• Links and folders can be public• Links and folders can be private
  32. 32. Email Signaturewww.DougDevitreDelivers.comDoug@DougDevitre.com3144965973@txt.att.net314.496.5973 cell314.754.8302 fax1213 Oakleaf DriveSt. Louis, MO 63119Join my network on LinkedIn: my friend on Facebook me on Twitter
  33. 33. Steps to Creating an Email Sig• Start on a Microsoft Word document• Adjust formating• Insert hyperlinks• Copy to clipboard• Paste into email software
  34. 34. Multiple Email Signatures• Thank you for contacting me• Should I follow up with you?• Thanks for visiting my open house• Personal• Representing another organization• Email signature with vCard
  35. 35.
  36. 36. MailChimp Videos
  37. 37. Every Blog Has A RSS Feed
  38. 38. Example RSS Feeds• Blog• Category of blog posts• YouTube videos• SlideShare presentations• Podcast audio files• Favorite websites on Delicious• Twitter stream• Flickr photos
  39. 39. RSS Email Campaign• RSS feed• List• Subject line• Reply address• Tracking• HTML email• Plain text email
  40. 40. Campaign Builder
  41. 41. Campaign Builder
  42. 42. Categories of Posts• Individual neighborhood• 1st Time Home Buyers• Investors• Commercial• Community Events
  43. 43. Example Blog Category Links••••• “Categories help you micro-niche your blog.”
  44. 44. Every Category of Blog Posts Has a RSS Feed•••••
  45. 45. RSS Merge Tags
  46. 46. Feedburner
  47. 47. Lists, Forms, and Code
  48. 48. Email Lists• Email newsletter• Past clients• Out of town agents• Interested buyers• Interested sellers
  49. 49. Enrollment Process
  50. 50. Adios
  51. 51. Sign Up Forms
  52. 52. MailChimp Pluginmade for Wordpressthat creates a widget
  53. 53. 360 Analytics WordPress Plugin
  54. 54. MailChmp iPhone App
  55. 55. More Resources••••••••