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The Design Sprint: A Fast Start to Creating Digital Products People Want

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  2. How do you know the product you want to make is the “right” product?
  4. design
  5. some history
  7. NAMESdesign sprint
  8. design spike
  9. product discovery
  10. discovery session
  11. deep dive
  12. discovery sprint
  13. ! Understand Diverge Converge Build Test
  14. Source:;; Empathize Define Prototype TestIdeate Discovery Interpretation Experimentation EvolutionIdeation
  15. Define Understand Build TestIdeate Understand Diverge Prototype ValidateDecide 2013 Unpack Sketch Prototype TestDecide 2015 Understand Diverge Build TestConverge Empathize Define Prototype TestIdeate
  16. Phase 1 Understand Phase 2 Diverge Phase 3 Converge Phase 4 Build Phase 5 Test Get the Background Gear Up Scrutinize Your Work Build Prototype Test Interviews Get Inspired Generate Solutions Team Sketching Structure Interviews Daily Retrospective Define the Problem Daily Retrospective Prototype Sketch Daily Retrospective Project Wrap-up Know the User Daily Retrospective Finish Prototype Daily Retrospective !
  17. a design sprint can help you gain speed and focus align a diverse team follow a well-defined process start in a clear direction
  18. but does not help when the product is well-defined significant research is needed the business opportunity isn’t clear the scope is too broad you won’t break up with your idea
  19. prepare Get Ready Why a Sprint? Goals & Objectives Inputs (Research, etc) Roles Scope & Length Logistics Supplies
  20. understand Get the Background Introductions Rules of the Design Sprint Introduce the Idea Parking Lot Review Agenda Pitch Practice Review Research and Past Work Get Inspired Goals & Anti-goals Existing Product, Competitors, and Substitutes Facts and Assumptions Define the Problem Problem Statement Challenge Map(s) Know the User Who / Do Personas User Journey Map Wrap-up Daily Retrospective
  21. set ground rules
  22. the idea parking lot
  23. facts, assumptions, questions
  24. assumptions questionsfacts
  25. what’s an assumption?
  26. questions
  27. what are you solving for? really
  28. reframe it
  29. Too Broad HMW redesign dessert? Just Right HMW redesign ice-cream to be more portable? Too Narrow HMW design a cone for ice cream that won’t drip?
  30. speak with users for empathy
  31. diverge Gear Up Review Agenda and Rules Pitch Practice Background Phase Recap Job-Stories Generate Solutions Mind Map 8-Ups (aka Crazy Eights) Storyboard Silent critique Group critique Super vote Wrap-up Daily Retrospective
  32. When ___SITUATION___ happens, I want/need __MOTIVATION__ so that I can __OUTCOME__.
  33. six-up: six different ideas in 5 minutes
  34. storyboard
  35. converge Get Started Describe Converge Pitch Practice (yes, again!) Scrutinize Your Work Recap Background $100 Test Assumptions Table Identify Alternative Wireframe Prototype Team Sketching - I Ritual Dissent Team Sketching – II Final Sketch Wrap-up Daily Retrospective
  36. dot vote venn diagram 2x2 matrix
  37. assumptions table $100 test
  38. team wireframes
  39. ritual dissent
  40. build Prototype Refine Screens Build it! Confirm Interviews Define Pre-roll questions Define Tasks Define post-roll questions Confirm Interviews Wrap-up Daily Retrospective
  41. make. test. learn.
  42. prototype
  43. 56 Lo Hi Interactive Fidelity Hi
  44. test ! Interviews #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Wrap-up Daily Retrospective Sprint Retrospective
  45. 58
  46. what .. worked? ..was validated?
  47. what’s next?
  48. ! Understand Diverge Converge Build Test
  49. } } } DESIGN SPRINT JUMP START AGILE SCRUM Define Understand Build Test Ideate WEEK 1 Refine Build Test WEEK 2 Refine Build Test WEEK 3 Refine Build Test WEEK 4
  50. Life is too short to build something nobody wants “ -Ash Maurya
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