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IR14 Pre-Conference Workshop Lightning Talk: Social Media Methods & Ethics

Presented at the University of Denver, 23 October 2013.

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IR14 Pre-Conference Workshop Lightning Talk: Social Media Methods & Ethics

  1. 1. Methodological Challenges IR14 Pre-Conference Workshop Denver,CO @dpwoodford Wednesday, 23 October 13
  2. 2. PLATFORMS • Twitter: Open API, Limited on Volume, Real-Time unless paying for API; good data on user profiles. • Facebook: Multiple levels of access; public pages easily accessible, historical data easy to obtain (unless deleted), but less precise (e.g. likes not timestamped unless page owner). • Weibo? Vkontake? LinkedIn? • Cost:Benefit analysis for developing infrastructure, Wednesday, 23 October 13
  3. 3. TWITTER • Streaming API is limited to ~1% of total tweets per second & Firehose access is expensive. • Large data sets are not easily malleable, or visually analyzed (e.g. with Tableau): – Our database of Twitter users is ~3.7TB, and growing. – A weeks worth of selected TV data (current US shows) in JSON format is 750MB, and 600MB in TSV (selected fields). And millions of rows. • Analyzing large data sets is slow, if it’s even possible => “Usable Data” Wednesday, 23 October 13
  4. 4. WHAT DOES 1% LOOK LIKE DURING SCANDAL? Wednesday, 23 October 13
  5. 5. RANDOM SAMPLING VS FULL SAMPLE ANALYSIS Source:  Tony  Hirst  (Open  University  UK) Wednesday, 23 October 13
  6. 6. FULL SAMPLE, REPEATED CAPTURE Source:  Bruns  /  Woodford  [Mapping  Online  Publics] Wednesday, 23 October 13
  7. 7. ANALYSIS TOOLS: DATA ANALYTICS • Historically @ CCI / Mapping Online Publics: .csv files, Gawk Scripts, Excel. • Ideally: Custom Tools, R, Large Sample analysis. • Reality: We’ve compromised on Tableau. A great option for easy data analysis, and reasonably large samples: – But still, large flat files => memory leaks (e.g. Accession charts for Barack Obama). – Currently investigating database solutions, with mySQL as a stop-gap. Wednesday, 23 October 13
  8. 8. ANALYSIS TOOLS: CONTENT ANALYSIS Source:  Woodford  /  Prowd  [Fan  Cultures  and  Hatred  in  Big  Brother  15:  Race  Rows,  EliMsm  &  SporMng  Tribalism  -­‐-­‐  Forthcoming] • Lots of advanced tools, but sometimes they overcomplicate things; simple visuals are good for communicating to your audience.. Wednesday, 23 October 13
  9. 9. ANALYSIS TOOLS: WORDLE SOMETIMES WORKS Source:  Woodford  /  Prowd  [Fan  Cultures  and  Hatred  in  Big  Brother  15:  Race  Rows,  EliMsm  &  SporMng  Tribalism  -­‐-­‐  Forthcoming] Wednesday, 23 October 13
  10. 10. ANALYSIS TOOLS: WORDLE SOMETIMES WORKS Source:  Woodford  /  Prowd  [Fan  Cultures  and  Hatred  in  Big  Brother  15:  Race  Rows,  EliMsm  &  SporMng  Tribalism  -­‐-­‐  Forthcoming] Wednesday, 23 October 13
  11. 11. WHO’S THE AUDIENCE? • Who you want to connect with is important in choosing methods and presentations. • My commentary / analysis on Big Brother 15 (US) across my blog, MOP and SocialMedia@QUT was read many more times than ANY academic article I’ve ever written. • And was picked up by industry.. • Who should we be writing for? Wednesday, 23 October 13
  12. 12. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS • ARC Centre for Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) - & http:// • Social Media Research Group -- http:// • Queensland University of Technology Wednesday, 23 October 13