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Digital Surreal photography & contemporary Digital arts classification

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Digital Surreal photography & contemporary Digital arts classification

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Digital Surreal photography & contemporary Digital arts classification

  1. 1. 5th Research summary Digital Surreal photography & contemporary Digital arts classification If the twentieth century has witnessed a surreal intellectual revolution, but it has seen at the end of its anther revolution, the digital revolution that changed the pattern of human life itself, Artists in general and photographer specially found their missing in graphic processed programs for art and photography, research exposes for digital technology changes in variable concepts of contemporary art and produced its new own terms, as Digital arts. Also, it gives creative more ability to create his own vision. Dadaism Turned discontent and rebellion to positive behavior produces art reflects a rejection of art trends, to break the familiar and usual techniques to reach the art core, truth and essence, turned Dada to a new revolution art named Surrealism, artists emancipated out of logic and falsity constraints, and became more close to human psyche depths, flaying in a fantasy world and metaphysics. Fine Art photographer wasn’t separated from surreal revolution, they participated from since the beginning with their surreal creative relying on photographic traditional techniques, which improved gradually related to photography technological developments, until Digital revolution came and changed the concepts of contemporary arts, created a creative influx, and keep going with the high Visual culture that led some to call this period with the terminology of digital arts. The computer became a tool for the art production and the creation of innovation, times witness in artistic trends fast after that, and several trends have emerged in surrealism, with colorful photography production techniques, many names and rankings have emerged, that’s lead as to the research problem which appear in its main question: What are the artistic classification trends today, and its impact on surreal world? And, What are the trends that contemporary surreal tend with? The research objectives is to develop a classification of today’s surreal digital art trends in the world, interfaces to determine the artistic tendencies features, and its techniques and programs they used and technical methods, with its role in the classification. For That Researches prepare 2 questionnaires printed and internet , 50 for each , to be clear with the Classification , and it comes with the final results – which appears in the appendix no. 3 – that the classification could be applied to Digital surreal photography and contemporary digital art on the relay to software the artists used to do their own art. It also could be argued that the research results represented in the following classification: 1- Two-dimensional (2D) digital art, which divided into: What produces with vector programs. What produces with Raster programs.
  2. 2. 2- Three-dimensional (3D) digital arts 3-Mixed Media Arts The research classified surreal digital photographic trends as follows: 1- two-dimensional (2D) digital surreal Photography Which Falls in several arts or technical trends: a- Traditional surreal photography art. B- Abstract surreal Photography art. C- Mixed media Surreal photography art. Which divided into: 1- Fantasy realism photography art. 2- Surreal Photo Manipulation. 3- CGI Surreal. Finally the research recommendations are : 1- support fine art photography trends all over the world to obtain a clear vision among artists , within photography syndicates , faculties and societies all over the world. 2- following fine art photography technical and artistic developments to spread their thoughts and styles to get fine art out of his own vision and represent artist culture. 3- increasing exhibition and workshops supporting fine art photography. 4- support fine art photography instructor in Egypt by different resources , to exchange ideas between them and all over the world. 5- getting deep in the photography medium as a fine art medium as an experimental technique to increase and develop a new photographic creation. 6- We have to document surreal fine art photographers in and out of Egypt to classify and put a criteria to which they do their own work. 7- getting together with photography societies national and international and convoy their researches work new ideas to photography artists to increase their vision and thoughts.