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Role of computer techono;ogy in education

  1. By: Aaryan Singh 7th G Roll no 1 G.P.S
  2. Social MediaAdvantages: Development of artistic abilities (design, layout etc.) Development of communication skills Development of computer skills
  3. Social Media Disadvantages: Academic performance can be reduced Inadequate replacement for face-to-face communication Spelling and grammar skills can be reduced as well Lack of anonymity can bring about negative consequences on the working life
  4. Mobile phone Advantages: Mobile devices can help students with quick research Provide a vital communication link to their parents, classmates, and even teachers Mobile phone apps
  5. Mobile phone Disadvantages: Many teachers argue that cell phones are a distraction and should be banned  Help for cheating in exams
  6. E-Books Advantages: Wide range of interesting teaching and learning possibilities Thousands of books can be stored Accessed by many people Up to date contents Full time availability Easy to carry
  7. E-Books Disadvantages: Cost money Can be hacked Can cause eyestrain Require power Information loss
  8. E-Learning Advantages: Flexibility and Accessibility Ease of Updates Savings in Travel Cost and Time Provide self-paced instruction Accommodate multiple learning styles.
  9. E-Learning Disadvantages: Reduced face to face interactions Dependency on technology Inappropriate match of technology, content, objectives and approach
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