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Dr Chris Stout Getting Better at Private Practice

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LearnGetting Better at Private Practice

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Dr Chris Stout Getting Better at Private Practice

  1. Getting Better At Private Practice
  2. What I Won’t Do… Give legal advice Give illegal advice Give accounting advice Give dating advice.
  3. What I Could Do, But Not ThisWeekend Is… Discuss clinical interventions andevidence based practice issues Clinical contracting and informed consent Practice tools, forms, and approaches Give dating advice.
  4. What I Will Do Is… Discuss Creative Ways to Accomplish WhatYou Want:“A Portfolio Career”Preach What I Practice Give You Lots-o-Tools!! Provide Plenty of Resources With Gobs of Examples And keep you awake! (I promise.)
  5. Give you a lot of ideas tosample from
  6. Then you can experiment
  7. You can try on/try out…
  8. …and see what works best foryou and your practice.
  9. Materials I used to developthis seminar…
  10. What we will be covering… Marketing your Practice—Ethically and Successfully Generating Referrals Calculating the ROI of Your Marketing Program Referral Analysis Calculus
  11. What we will be covering… Synthetically Blending in OutcomesMeasurement and Management How to Get Noticed by the Media How to Create Your Media Kit and Plan.
  12. What we will be covering… Examples of the DNA of SuccessfulPractices Website Dos and Don’ts Social Networking Social Media Done the Right Way(including blogging, Linkedin, Facebook,Twitter, and others)
  13. What we will be covering… The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ofGoogle and the Clinician Utilizing additional print, Web, andorganizational resources Concierge Practice Models Demystifying Getting Published(including new digital and e-readerformats)
  14. What we will be covering… Getting What You Want from YourCareer Professional Speaking Tool Kit The Portfolio Career Balancing Life and Work And much more…
  15. Periodically I May Use ProfaneLanguage, So Be Warned.
  16. MarketingMoneyPromotionPublicity &Profit(ye gads!)
  17. Meaning of the “*” The “*” symbol indicates a “Cool Tool.”This is in your “Cool Tool” box. You’llbeing seeing a lot of it.
  18. Meaning of the “*”
  19. Getting Started…
  20. Going Further…
  21. Getting Better…
  22. What’s “Success” for YOU? Rewarding Practice? Academic Position? Publishing? Presenting? Media? Time for family, friends,hobbies? Financial security? Awards/Recognition? Making a real difference inpeoples’ lives!
  23. Getting Here… It wasn’t easyA lot of Mac & Cheese orRaman Noodles Not cheap…MD tuition and feesAt UIC: $100,832At Harvard Med: $196,000At NWU: $242,800 (!)
  24. Career Vision Worksheet*
  25. Career Vision Worksheet*Yes, homework already…Throughout today and the near future, think about: How satisfied are you with what you are doing now? What specifically inspires and satisfies you about yourwork? What are your reasons for doing what you’re doingnow?
  26.  What are the underlying qualities or values from yourcurrent position that you know you want in yourcareer? Into what types of positions/activities do you see thosequalities leading you in the next few years? Your greatest hopes for your career include what? Why did you enter the field of mental health? The overarching purpose of your career is toaccomplish what?
  27.  The passions within your career include what? You will know that your career is turning out ideallywhen…? Your greatest personal and professional valuesinclude…?
  28. Career Mission Statement*