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Building my sg changi airport

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Bite-sized information on Changi Airport
Credits: Ministry of Education, Singapore

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Building my sg changi airport

  1. 1. Singapore’s Connection to the World
  2. 2. I give jobs to about 40,000 people. I link people from 70 countries. WHO AM I ? I am the size of 1,800 football fields. I serve about 148,000 people every day.
  3. 3. Yes! I am Changi Airport. I connect people. Would you like to know more? Control Tower has volunteered to share our story with you.
  4. 4. It was Mr Lee Kuan Yew who took the difficult decision to move Singapore's international airport from Paya Lebar to Changi. Mr Lee said “I felt then that Paya Lebar had inherent disadvantages. It was located near the city centre. Expansion would be limited. Worse, noise and air pollution would become worse because the flight path footprint was already over our city centre.”
  5. 5. Land was reclaimed east of Singapore for the airport. Did you know? It cost $1.3 billion to complete Terminal 1.
  6. 6. The airport connected Singapore to the World. More than 10 million passengers came through the airport 5 years after it was opened. Did you know? 54.1 million passengers went through Changi Airport in 2014.
  7. 7. As the airport became busier, it connected people from all over the world. Today, 102 airlines from 250 cities use the airport. Did you know? The airport has won many awards and is often recognised as the “Best Airport in the World”.
  8. 8. In 2002, Changi Airport Mass Rapid Transit Station was opened. This made it easier for people living in Singapore to visit the airport.
  9. 9. People visit the airport for food and shopping. It provides the space for people to meet and be together. Did you know? There are 350 shops and 120 restaurants in the airport.
  10. 10. The airport has become an important part of Singapore’s history and people are proud of it. It is the first landmark Singaporeans see when they return home. Did you know? The opening of Changi Airport was chosen as one of the five most important events in Singapore history by Singaporeans in 2015.
  11. 11. Jewel Changi Airport As a global centre, Changi Airport is expanding. By 2018, we look forward to Terminal 4 and Jewel joining the current buildings.
  12. 12. Changi Airport serves to remind us that excellence is about being open to and learning from the rest of the world. It brings the World to Singapore and Singapore to the World. Can you build a place where you bring people together too?