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70Confidential | For Discussion Purposes SpringOwl's 99 Page Presentation On Turning Around Viacom

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70Confidential | For Discussion Purposes Only | 70
 Viacom has Spent $15.2B in the Last 5 Years on
Buybacks at an Average Cost of $60.621
 For all That Money, Viacom’s Stock is up 3% Over Those
5 Years vs. 64% for the S&P 500
 Over Same Period, Disney Has Spent $24.1B On
Buybacks and Time Warner has Spent $21.2B On
Buybacks 1
 Disney’s Stock is up 184% Over the Last 5 Years
 Time Warner’s Stock is up 100% Over the Last 5 Years
Total Buybacks
Year Shares Value AVG Price ($)
2011 19,679,000 899,954,000 46.5
2012 14,149,000 700,054,000 49.6
2013 33,675,000 2,699,984,001 77.7
2014 10,420,000 849,965,000 82.3
Total $ 77,923,000 $ 5,149,957,002 64.0
Current VIAB Stock
(12//2015) 41.38
Value Destruction Per
Share (22.62)
Total Value Destruction $ ($1.8B)
Source: 1. Bloomberg; Data: Company Fillings (10Q); 2.
Leveraged Overpaying for Stock Buybacks
“What exactly are they doing to embrace the rapidly changing habits
of youth culture…. Buybacks? Without a plan just buybacks at a
Jason Hirschhorn,
Former Chief Digital Officer of
Viacom’s MTV Unit in

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