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Production Meeting Two

Production meeting two

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Production Meeting Two

  1. 1. + Production Meeting 2 Harry Jones, Bethan Glover, Georgia Fielding and Drew Allen
  2. 2. + This production meeting was used to discuss feedback we received from our two questionnaires that we created to receive answers on what themes and ideas that the target audience would like to see presented in out DigiPak, Magazine Advert and Music Video. We have decided on which ideas we think we should use and which answers we believed would not work.
  3. 3. + Age and Gender  We asked these two questions at the start to receive a general idea of our target audience. We found out that overall that females were the common result for this question but we have agreed that overall we want to aim our video at males and females because we want to keep our target audience range open so we can showcase a variety of ideas that will attract both males and females. The most popular age we received from the questionnaires was teenagers and young adults. As a group we have decided to keep this age range as the target audience age that we want to make a video for because it would be a good age to base our video around and would mean we could be flexible with what we can include as we are a similar age and will know what we would want to see. In addition, the videos we previously analysed were targeted at a similar age range so we can advance on ideas that we commented on.
  4. 4. + Colours  The colours that we received as most popular on the DIGIPAK and Magazine Advert questionnaire was White, Red and Pink. We have discussed as a group that these colours do not compliment each other and that they would portray a more feminine side to the digipak and advert. We also decided that the colours we think would be better to use would be a unisex colour such as yellow. By using yellow as a dominant colour on our promotion products it will attract both genders and will also portray the pop genre well as it is a bold, bright colour.
  5. 5. + Clothing  On both questionnaires we asked the public what clothing they think would be appropriate for the promotion products and the music video. We received the answer of casual clothing which we agree with. We also think that the clothing should reflect the typical pop style used in most videos and seen on current promotion products by having our artist wear neon colours or bold accessories.
  6. 6. + Shots  Both questionnaires asked the public about what shots we should take for the music video and promotion products. For the music video we received answers such as long shot to medium shot, the reason behind this was because they want to see the artists outfit and any dance or performance routines. We agree with this because we don’t want the video to have a personal shot because these shots are mostly used in sad/emotional videos. In addition, we have discussed that the video will include a dance routine including many people and the majority of the video will be a performance from the artist which we wouldn’t be able to capture through close up shots. For the DIGIPAK and Magazine Advert we received answers for a full body shot and medium shot. In this case we agreed to include a medium shot on the product because a long shot may not be detailed enough to present the artist and vibe of the video enough. We have also seen through research of existing promotion products that full body shots aren’t as effective.
  7. 7. + Props Our group has analysed the answer that we received from the audience questionnaire and agreed that having musical instruments as props would work well and would be a wide variety to work with. We have also decided that props such as cleaning utensils or mobile phones would be good to use to fit with the storyline that we created.

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Production meeting two


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