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Lipton Repositioning

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Case Study Lipton Repositioning

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Lipton Repositioning

  1. 1. Brand Fatigue
  2. 2. Key Facts & Figures• Total tea consumption in the country ranges between 200,000-225,000 tonnes.• Tea is accorded an essential food status at taxed at 4% in India, while Pakistanis bear 16% GST and 10% import duty.• High government levies create an incentive to evade.• Porous borders make smuggling easy, consequently half the tea consumed in the country is smuggled.
  3. 3. Market Share18% 32% 24%
  4. 4. The Power of Lipton.• 1649 cups of Lipton Tea are enjoyed every second• 8245 cups of Lipton Tea are enjoyed every time you blink• 1252 cups of Lipton Tea are drunk every time your heart beats• 52 billion cups of Lipton Tea are drunk each year• 45.75 billion Tea Bags are produced by Lipton Tea each year
  5. 5. BRAND FATIGUE• Brand fatigue is not that people become tired of a brand, but rather that a business becomes prematurely tired of their own brand presentation, and as a result, push to change it before it has been able to build power in the mind’s of their brand consumers.
  6. 6. BRAND FATIGUE• If a brand is authentic, true and well executed, it means it exhibits brand health, Aligns to the key attributes of the products or services, then a brand will never become a victim of brand fatigue.
  7. 7. And yet there is a drive to keep changing things.• Sometimes this makes sense.• People do get tired of the same TV commercial.• For essential brand matters, however, the race is won by those who are most consistent.
  8. 8. Great brands are not born over night The more consistent a brand is the more that brand will stick into the minds of consumers.
  9. 9. But…Lipton has become a victim of Brand Fatigue
  10. 10. Why????• Lipton has violated the Law of Consistency.• Initially the single idea behind Lipton is:Light premium priced tea with best quality.
  11. 11. Confused Positioning• But Lipton has repositioned itself several times resulting in confused positioning.• Mind is a limited container and no one really knows what Lipton actually stands for
  12. 12. Repositioning in Different Times – Chai chahye. Kaun sy janab – Clear the mind – Regular medium and strong And Now – Mega Daana
  13. 13. Let’s have a look at the Brand Value Pyramid of Lipton
  14. 14. EMOTIONAL VALUES: This is what is missing,,,emotional connectivity with the consumer BENEFIT: Healthy, finest drinking tea experience, nutrition, hygiene with taste FEATURE:Light/Strong, best quality
  15. 15. Tapal Video
  16. 16. Perceptual Map High price Entire platform of premium quality, premium price light tea is available to LiptonStrong Light Tapal Supreme Pearl Dust Low price
  17. 17. Lipton needs to realize …The Changing practice of drinking tea fromas fashion to nation wide habit
  18. 18. Tea has become a part of our lives.• At breakfast• During lunch breaks at the workplace• In the evening at home.• Evening tea may be consumed with biscuits or cake.• Guests are typically offered a choice between tea and soft drinks.• It has become a common practice for homeowners to offer tea breaks to hired labor, and sometimes even provide them with tea during the breaks.
  19. 19. Lipton should
  20. 20. The need is … To associate Lipton(a sophisticated and premium tea) with Sophisticated Stylish and Successful women.
  21. 21. Strong Energetic Loyal KindResponsible Honest Cheerful
  22. 22. Successful andAspiring WomanSharmeen Obaid -1st Pakistani to winan Oscar
  23. 23. Samina Zaheer–Woman behind thegreat CricketPlayer ZaheerAbbasSuccessful MarriedWoman with acomplete family
  24. 24. Bushra Ansari• Successful Actress, Loving Mother and Supporting Wife• A Complete Woman
  25. 25. Repositioning strategy• Recall the Perceptual Map• Associating Lipton Tea with successful women having successful professional and family lives.
  26. 26. Campaign• Apni Chai Faaslay Mitaye• Hamari Chai Hamara Ghar• Laajawab Chai Laajawab Loog• Choice of Classy Woman• Kaamyaab loogon ky pasand• Chai jo sath nibahye zindagi bhar• Chai jo rishtay banaye