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Social Emotional Learning Week 4 of 4: Aina Contributors (Grades 9-11)

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"Creating Healthy Happiness"
Free lesson plan from Aina Contributors (Grades 9-11)
This is Week 4 of 4 focusing on well-being and social emotional learning.

Aina 2030 Curriculum focuses on well-being (social-emotional learning), sustainability, and how we can thrive in our communities. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used in schools during morning meetings, science, social studies, art, mathematics, writing, and reading at the elementary level. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used at the secondary level during advisory, mentoring, science, social studies, art, mathematics, English, and technology & engineering. All four weeks found at Email:

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Social Emotional Learning Week 4 of 4: Aina Contributors (Grades 9-11)

  1. 1. Well-Being Contributors (Ages 14-17) | October 5, 2020 Happiness, much like many other aspects of life experiences, can be along a spectrum of healthy to unhealthy. There can be calm/peaceful/content versions of happiness through addictive/self-centered/selfish/greed versions of “happiness” (in other words, an often unhealthy and even destructive form). Activity sheet: There a set of emotions/feelings/desires randomly listed on the sheet. Perhaps you see them on a spectrum or maybe just discrete aspects with their own dynamics. They serve only to support a meaningful discussion together. If there is interest, however, it may be an opportunity to record key phrases that are spoken during your discussion that may be helpful to be displayed at home for inspiration, guidance, or further exploration. Positive psychology studies happiness. It looks at what happiness is, where it comes from, and possibilities of what we can do to have more long-term happiness. Prior to watching the video below, record information that you already think about regarding happiness. Activity sheet: Record your thoughts about happiness, its sources, and how you bring more of it into your life. Interview at least two other people to see if there are patterns. Watch this video about sources of happiness. Activity sheet: Answer questions about the video. Keep in mind that a constant state of happiness would be its own problem and is not the goal according to positive psychology. The goal is to understand happiness more in-depth, its qualities, and its role in our life. Coupled with happiness is growth and high quality relationships. Activity sheet: The questions on this sheet are meant only to help explore more connections in ways that you think about them. They are questions that can be discussed with others before or after you answer them. Record your thoughts at any time, but go back and modify them when new ones occur. Creating Healthy Happiness Happiness may sometimes seem like an elusive, amorphous emotion to fully understand. Positive psychology, however, is a branch of psychology that studies sources of happiness, its deeper states, and its role among other emotions. This series of articles provides an overview of what we think we know about happiness as a core of mental health beyond surface pleasures. The documentary Generation Wealth (available across streaming platforms) focuses on the interaction of greed and happiness. 1. Differentiate between short-term and long-term happiness. 2. Identify ways to create a more consistent core of happiness in one’s life. Objectives Overarching Well-being concept “Home” Work Resources for Parents and Caregivers Learning Activity 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins © Aina LLC 2020
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