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Sustainability Lesson Week 2 of 4 - Aina Explorers (Grades K-2)

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"Real Environmental Superhero"
Free lesson plan from Aina Explorers (Grades k-2)
This is Week 2 of 4 focusing on sustainability.
Aina 2030 Curriculum focuses on well-being (social-emotional learning), sustainability, and how we can thrive in our communities. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used in schools during morning meetings, science, social studies, art, mathematics, writing, and reading at the elementary level. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used at the secondary level during advisory, mentoring, science, social studies, art, mathematics, English, and technology & engineering. All four weeks found at Email:

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Sustainability Lesson Week 2 of 4 - Aina Explorers (Grades K-2)

  1. 1. Sustainability Explorers (Ages 5-8) | October 26, 2020 Talk about ways that you all at home try to make a difference by trying to take care of the environment. What are you good at already? Then, talk about other possibilities of what can improved at home. How about in the community? Where are there possibilities for improvement? Take a look at the student’s superhero drawing and see how that might connect with your conversation. If appropriate, set a goal at home or in your community to help with another issue that you identified. One of the most important contributions towards creating a thriving planet that we can make is to help educate others. Rachel Carson was a scientist who cared about the environment and started the environmental movement with her book, Silent Spring. Many benefitted by her teachings about how DDT was affecting nature. Watch a read aloud video of Rachel Carson: A Woman who Loved Nature. Think about her role as teacher. Activity sheet: Use the questions to discuss the book. Rachel Carson cared about pollution, and as a scientist, she was able to use science to teach the public about how environments are impacted. She was a brave teacher for the people and nature! Activity sheet: Think about something in nature that you really care about. The words along the sides are some suggestions of issues currently occurring. Draw a picture of yourself as an environmental superhero just like Rachel Carson. Real Environmental Superhero Rachel Carson is often attributed to starting the popular environmental movement. As a scientist, she confronted companies who made DDT, which was an environmental toxin. Her book Silent Spring woke up the collective consciousness of the time to seeing the interconnections of the environment. Here is a short film about her. Today, we tend to focus in the environmental movement on how to either restore (bring back to its original state) or regenerate (bring to a more improved state beyond the original state), which were the foundation of Carson’s arguments. 1. Explore how being a teacher in society is an important part of creating change. 2. Use Rachel Carson’s story as an exemplar contribution Objectives Overarching Sustainability concept “Home” Work Resources For Parents and Caregivers Learning Activity © Aina LLC 2020 15 mins 15 mins
  2. 2. Click here for the read aloud video