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Sustainability Lesson Week 3 of 4 - Aina Connectors (Grades 6-8)

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"Sustainable Living at Home (Part 2): The Ultimate Sustainable Home"
Free lesson plan from Aina Connectos (Grades 6-8)
This is Week 3 of 4 focusing on sustainability.
Aina 2030 Curriculum focuses on well-being (social-emotional learning), sustainability, and how we can thrive in our communities. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used in schools during morning meetings, science, social studies, art, mathematics, writing, and reading at the elementary level. Aina 2030 Curriculum can be used at the secondary level during advisory, mentoring, science, social studies, art, mathematics, English, and technology & engineering. All four weeks found at Email:

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Sustainability Lesson Week 3 of 4 - Aina Connectors (Grades 6-8)

  1. 1. Sustainability Connectors (Ages 11-14) | November 2, 2020 Create art together! Join your kids making art! Paint, take pictures, make drawings, write poems, or make music together about sustainable homes. Post on Instagram (be sure to tag “aina_thrive”) or send your home art to so we can post it on the website under Families Making Art Together! We are at a place that is just a beginning for what living spaces can be in terms of being sustainable. This week’s lesson is all about exploring possibilities. There are many different attempts and approaches to building sustainable homes, and this week is about understanding those differences. There are many different approaches to building sustainable homes. Below are three very different approaches. Design #1: Watch this video focusing on a sophisticated sustainable home design. Design #2: Watch this video about Earthship houses. Design #3: Watch this video about a sustainable tiny house. Activity sheet: Describe similarities of different sustainable home designs. This will be the base for your design! Time to show your artistry! We want to see your sustainable home designs and drawings, and we are going post them online! They will be part of a sustainability art exhibit. Take a picture, make a drawing, paint a picture of your ultimate sustainability house, write a poem, or sing a song (or use an instrument) to share your sustainable home design with other Aina artists!. Send it to with your name and location (if you wish) or post it to Instagram (tag “aina_thrive”), and we will share our thoughts about your art and post it on a web page for others to appreciate! Sustainable Living at Home (Part 2): The Ultimate Sustainable Home Making a fully sustainable home is no small task given that building practices rarely take much more than energy efficiency into consideration. This article provides a graphic that gives an overview of the many different possibilities that can make a single-family home more sustainable. Here is a second article that provides more information and advice. This has many financial considerations, and much needs to be done in society to support those that do not have financial security. We have a long way to go to make all homes sustainable homes, but these are some starting places. 1. Identify sustainability practices used by others at their homes. 2. Explore how each practice might work at your home. Objectives Overarching Sustainability concept “Home” Work Resources for Parents & Caregivers Learning Activity 45 mins © Aina LLC 2020 Bonus!
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