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Dr Mark Prysi - How This Artist Paints Will Blow Your Mind

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Dr. Mark Prysi discusses the new talented artist Matthew Gallagher, and his alternative painting style.

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Dr Mark Prysi - How This Artist Paints Will Blow Your Mind

  1. 1. How This Artist Paints Will Blow Your Mind! ! Dr. Mark Prysi, Matt Gallagher! ! Matthew Gallagher is an artist based just outside of Cleveland. While surrounded by famous and contemporary bodies of work from masters of the Renaissance, and classical styles, Mat Gallagher retains a style of his own that is eye popping and of a future age.! ! Paintings, Artwork! ! Using a variety of techniques, Matthew Gallagher creates an effect of three dimensional depth to his canvas paintings. Part of the technique is after painting the canvas the desired backdrop color, Matt will lay string and wire across the canvas methodically and paint over that in a manner that suggests depth and space. By layering the strings with a competing or collaborative spectrum of colors, Matt accentuates this sense of space he creates.! ! A lot of what is explored in Matt’s art is simple shapes, and their possible roles in space. Using the string method, Matt is able to bring a depth to the paintings that allows him to explore points and positions of simple shapes one wouldn’t capture in a painting traditionally.! ! ! !
  2. 2. ! When looking at one of his paintings, one may feel as though they are taken to a space that is specific and exquisite, inviting or ominous and awe inspiring. In his works that explore less of a space and realm, Matt focusses on what look to be synaptic and meant to evoke the image of energy. When you look at one of his pieces you may call to mind the processes of the brain, or the waves visible when observing sound.! ! ! ! ! !
  3. 3. ! ! ! If this were too much of a jump to make, we wouldn’t remark on it. Though if you all are familiar with the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, you’ll undoubtably remember the final sequence in which the protagonist seemingly travels through a black hole and experiences an out of body surge of senses, colors, and sights. A parallel type of energy seems to take place in Matt’s work, uniquely and with its own exquisite beauty.! ! A former student of Oberlin College, Matt Gallagher stands out in terms of a style of art that is popular and well liked by the wide observing public. With many years ahead of him, Matt Gallagher is sure to perfect his craft and bring many advancements to the type of style he is so uniquely gifted at producing.