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Sloppy Wet Blowjob Guide

A good blow job should be as wet and sloppy as possible.

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Sloppy Wet Blowjob Guide

  1. 1. SLOPPY WET BLOWJOB GUIDE Don’t be afraid to just slobber all over his man mus- cle. It should be as wet and sloppy as possible, es- pecially during your power move. A good blowjob makes loud, gross suction-y noises. When I’m done, I’m usually covered in my own drool and leave a wet spot on the bed. check the sloppiest blowjobs on my personal blog
  2. 2. #01 STRINGS OF SPIT Spit on it and pull your mouth away, holding it in your tightly-clenched fist… let the strings of spit and drool hang from his cock to your lips, then suck it and spit on it more – that’s what a lot of guys like, and that’s how the pornstars do it.
  3. 3. #02 SLOPPY JOSEPHINE Generally a blowjob is given with your lips wrapped around his cock. This blowjob technique forgoes the lips to enhance the sloppy sensation. Open your mouth wide and use just your tongue and the back of your mouth to stimulate him. Your tongue should be rubbing the shaft and the head should be get- ting caught between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. During all this, do not concern yourself with saliva. Let it drool out uninhibited. Sloppy.
  4. 4. #03 THE WETTER, THE BETTER Guys agree. The more saliva you use, the more en- joyable. Try and keep him very moist from the tip on down. This is not a time to act like Bree on “Des- perate Housewives” and be anally neat. Get messy. Keep a glass of water on the nightstand. Use lubri- cant if you need to (although that that can taste like nasty old tires!) or experiment with some fun foods, like whipped cream or a lukewarm tea. Remember, you are simulating a very warm moist place…
  5. 5. #BONUS: THE SLOPPY DIET • Drinking orange juice can suppress the gag reflex. If you feel like you’re going to gag when you’ve got a cock in your mouth – swallow. Don’t worry, it won’t go down. • Eat a banana or dring some coke and you get some thick saliva. Then just don’t spit or swallow it and you’ll soon have it as sloppy as it can get.