carcinoma pancreas. history of surgery ca. breast for ngo. mass in right hypochondrium. stomach anatomy breast cysts galactocele. and classification scalp [compatibility mode ] median nerve in ulnar radial nasopharyngeal carcinoma. cleft lip and palate. barrett's oesophagus heartburn reflux oesophagitis gord gerd direct inguinal hernia indirect inguinal hernia inguinal hernia hernia surgery research clinical research indian medical graduate response to injury neuroendocrine response trauma stress response phyllodes tumour mastalgia fibroadenoma fibrocystic disease andi benign breast conditions x-ray chest in surgery wound healing vasculr malformations ulcer. tramdol trial. presenttion for paper proposal tramadol scientific committee breast carcinoma tnm staging tnm classifiction of modern medicines ten commandments template lectures short standard precutions. spleen-anatomy physiology. sop corona. sinus. shock (2) sensitization antibioticmisuse proposal poster on presentation for papaer scientific committee prophylctic mesh placement presentation for paperproposal scientific commitee psoas abscess prostatitis principals of plastic surgery preoperative preparation online ventilator training non invasive breast cancer lowerlimb anatomy slideshare lessons from criticoen. lecture ped. surg.basics. investigations in maligancy incisionless surgery. hypertrophied scar and keloid. how to increase research 2 heart valve surgery. eras observaton period drug therapy daycare surgery. covid -19 covid 19 training covid 19 high school. surgical patient. malnutrition in surgical casuses and consequences carpal tunnel syndrome. burn cme biomedical waste. biomedical surabh ayushman. adrenocorticalca tumor of parotid mucoepidermoid adenolymphoma abscess thyroiditist protocols thyroid surgery and mangement anomolies thyroid development congenital thyroid anatomy physiology thyroglossal cust and fistuall hypothyroidism thyrotoxixosis grave's disease hyperthyoroidism and pathogenesi goiter defination congenital anomlies of thyroid oral cancer hindi ngo combined preventionof cancer. conclusion ngo cervical cancer hindi (2) cervical cancer hindi bse jibi (2) breast cancer hindi tuberculosis surgical aspects. tetanus and gas gangrene sterilization sepsis hospital aquired infection. hiv and surgeon erysipelas cellulites[compatibility mode] aids and hiv. abscess. lower gi hemorrhage gist. gi diseases endoscopy carcinoma anal canal upper gi hemorrhage(2) and complications stomach gastic surgeries stomach gastic function test stenosis. congenital hypertropic pyloric physiology. hiatal hernia. rolling and sliding perforated peptic ulcer peptic ulcer. h.pylori and peptic ulcer gastic lymphoma complications of pepetic ulcer ca stomach ca stomach improved splenic rupture splenic cyst splenic abascess anomalies function spleen- anatomy physiolog opis and splenectoy. ulcerative colitis obstruction management of intestinal intussusception incomplete intestinlobstruction crohn's disease. ibd uicerative colitis versus diverticular disease of colon ca. rectum appendicitis and large intestine anatomy the small pancreatic trauma pancreatic pseudocyst investigations physiology pancreas anatomy cong.anamoli phy pancreas anat chronic pancreatitis anatomy physiology pancreas. acute pancreatitis. foreign body oesophagus. foreign body oesophagus ca. oesophagus. bening tumours of oesophagus peritoneal maligancy peritoneal adhesions omentum. mesentry and omenum acute mesenteric lymphadenitis portal hypertension surgery. portal circulation. liver tumours liver trauma hydatid cyst. congenital anomalies of bile klastic tumor. cholangiocarcinoma biliary fistula cbdstricture bile duct injuries acute cholecystitis rectal prolapse fistual in ano anal incontinence. anal incontinence anal fissure. anal canal panniculitis. abdopminal wall tumours. vesical calculus pyovele hematocele varicocele urinary bladder trauma. congenital anomalies. urinary bladder anatomy urethritis. urethritis (2). urethral stricture torsion testis testicalr tumors retroperitoneal tumours retention of urine s) renal calculi (lenovopc pyonephrosis. pyelonephritis prostatitis. prostate anatomy circumcision paraphimosis phimosis urinary diversion. neurogenic bladder injuries male urethra. hydronephrosis hydronephrosiis hydrocele surgical antaomy. genitourinary system fournier gangrene fistule uti fb bladder chronic pyelonephritis ca. penis ca. bladder anatomy urethra anatomy penis tnm staging of brest carcinoma non invasive breast cancer. mastaliga traumatic fat necrosis breast-phylloides tumour breast mastaliga. breast investigations chemotherapy radiotherapy breast incomplete operations breast imaging. breast clinical examination breast carcinoma etiology breast ca. classification breast ca. stagging breast ca stagings and managem breast ca management breast bening diseases breast anatomy physiology. spina bifida premalignant condition of oral maxilofacial injuries. hydrocephalus. head injury. cystic hygroma. ca. tongue. ca. oral cavity ca. cheek management. thoracic duct pulmonary embolism. pneumothorax. lung abscess and empyema chest wall-congenital anomlies chest injuries and hemothorax bronchoscopy bening tumors of lung. pericardititis nd cardiac tamp heart valve surgery principles of cancer therapy. prevention of cancer hindi malignant melanoma biological basis of diagnosis venous ulcers vascular malformations upper limb ischemia raynaud's phenomenon gangrene dvt cutaneous vascular lesions buerger's disease and chronic av fistula arteries of upper and lower li aneurysms acute arterial occlussion
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