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6 Month Smile with Clear Braces Treatment Just £46.2 per Month

Get affordable six month smiles treatment from Dulwich Dental Office at 43-45 North Cross Road. Visit our site:

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6 Month Smile with Clear Braces Treatment Just £46.2 per Month

  1. 1. 6 Month Smile with Clear Braces treatment just £46.2 per month The average treatment times of only six months
  2. 2. Six month smiles is more effective and suitable treatment..
  3. 3. You can get faster result with Lovely smiles….
  4. 4. **Six month smiles work for teeth straighten. It has exploited the benefits of new materials using of white wires and clear braces. It gives one a visibly improved appearance. How to Straighten Your Teeth with Clear Braces in 6 Months?
  5. 5. This Treatment is Done By 6 Steps:  Impression of your teeth taken  Impression sent to the laboratory  Customised braces are made  Braces are fitted with the help of white wires  Return to surgery for retightening every four weeks to keep the teeth in position.  A retainer is fitted - either removable or fixed wire
  6. 6. What Are The Benefits of 6 Month Smiles?  Discreet wires that are tooth colored and small.  Traditional treatment time cut by anything up to 75%.  A gentle repositioning procedure gives rise to very little discomfort.  About half the price of traditional braces.
  7. 7. Dr. Sia Mirfendereski Our Doctors: Dr. Sia Mirfendereski qualified from the Royal London Hospital i n1991 and currently working as principal Dulwich Dental Office. Jack Button Originally from Brighton, jack is a hygienist and dental therapist from manchester university dental school in 2013 and current working as Dulwich Dental Office.
  8. 8. Our Client reviews: Before 6 Month Smiles
  9. 9. For the period of Six month smiles
  10. 10. After Six month smiles
  11. 11. **Contact us for get affordable 6 month smiles Treatment just £46.2 per month. 020 8693 3339