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  1. 1. Implementation Partner & Data as a Platform/Service
  2. 2. Business Plan Product Provide easy to use data platform solution on top of Internet protocol Build Product Solution on top of Data Platform using any internet programing language which help building “System of Unification” (SoU) Eg. Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Javascript…. Services Advice as implementation Partner “System of Record” (SoR) systems Build Modules on top of “System of Unification” (SoU) Collaborates with customer to provide Ongoing support
  3. 3. Product Systems of Unification (SoU)
  4. 4. o Provide easy to use data access solution for SoU on top of Internet protocols (Rest Services) o Ease of building application for #IOT. o Programing Independent product solution Eg. Java, .Net, PHP, Python, perl, shell, Javascript … Data as a Platform/Service
  5. 5. Why DaaP/S o Huge Potential as Data grow Exponentially o Addressing Data ownership for “System of Record” o Need for solution of unstructured and domain independent data o Addressing Transport Security Feature and encrypted Schema o Data anywhere access through cloud o Less Setup time with standard protocol to access the data
  6. 6. Services Implentation and Integration Partner
  7. 7. o Building custom business requirement for SoR o Building Integration between SoR o Building analytic solution not solvable with SoR o Consult as implementation Partner for SoR o Collaborate with customer to provide Ongoing support Implementation Partner
  8. 8. Target Audience o Organization requiring SoR and IoT’s solution o Integration/Customization development SoR and IoT devices o Data storage between organization for integration o Organization requiring Analytics on top of Data)
  9. 9. Revenue Model One Time Recurring Customization/Integration After implementation support Setup/Implementation of SoR Data analytics for SoR Per user licensing fee
  10. 10. Operation India
  11. 11. THANKS!Follow me on Twitter @dushyantgadewal