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Positive Thinking- Quotes to make you think Positive

Positive thinking quotes from some of the most successful people of all time. Positive thinking is a key element to creating success.

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Positive Thinking- Quotes to make you think Positive

  1. 1. Increase Your Power of Positive Thinking
  2. 2. Top 15 Quotes of All Time That Promote Positive Thinking..
  3. 3. “Each morning when I open my eyes I say tomyself: I, not events, have the power tomake me happy or unhappy today. I canchoose which it shall be. Yesterday isdead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I havejust one day, today, and I’m going to behappy in it.” ~ Groucho Marx
  4. 4. “Man often becomes what hebelieves himself to be. If I keepon saying to myself that I cannotdo a certain thing, it is possiblethat I may end by reallybecoming incapable of doing it.On the contrary, if I have thebelief that I can do it, I shallsurely acquire the capacity to doit even if I may not have it at thebeginning.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  5. 5. “Welcome every morning with a smile.Look on the new day as anotherspecial gift from your Creator, anothergolden opportunity to complete whatyou were unable to finish yesterday.Be a self-starter. Let your first hour setthe theme of success and positiveaction that is certain to echo throughyour entire day. Today will neverhappen again. Don’t waste it with afalse start or no start at all. You werenot born to fail.” ~ Og Mandino
  6. 6. “Nothing truly stops you. Nothing trulyholds you back. For your own will isalways within your control. Sicknessmay challenge your body. But are youmerely your body? Lameness mayimpede your legs. But you are notmerely your legs. Your will is biggerthan your legs. Your will needn’t beaffected by an incident unless you letit.” ~ Epictetus
  7. 7. “Beliefs have the power to create andthe power to destroy. Human beingshave the awesome ability to take anyexperience of their lives and create ameaning that disempowers them orone that can literally save their lives.” ~Anthony Robbins
  8. 8. “The greatest discovery of alltime is that a person canchange his future by merelychanging his attitude.” ~ OprahWinfrey
  9. 9. “Optimism is the most importanthuman trait, because it allowsus to evolve our ideas, toimprove our situation, and tohope for a better tomorrow.” ~Seth Godin
  10. 10. “Each problem has hidden in itan opportunity so powerful thatit literally dwarfs the problem.The greatest success storieswere created by people whorecognized a problem andturned it into an opportunity.” ~Joseph Sugarman
  11. 11. “We can’t escape pain; we can’tescape the essential nature of ourlives. But we do have a choice. Wecan give in and relent, or we canfight, persevere, and crete a lifeworth living, a noble life. Pain is afact; our evaluation of it is a choice.”~ Jacob Held
  12. 12. “Victorious warriors win first andthen go to war, while defeatedwarriors go to war first and thenseek to win.” ~ Sun Tzu
  13. 13. “You cannot tailor-make the situations in life but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations.” ~ Zig Ziglar
  14. 14. “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” ~ Og Mandino
  15. 15. “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so.” ~ Hamlet
  16. 16. “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  17. 17. “The day is what you make it! So why not make it a great one?” ~ Steve Schulte
  18. 18.