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District magnet recommendation 3 14-13 postbrddocs

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District magnet recommendation 3 14-13 postbrddocs

  1. 1. District MagnetProgram:RecommendationsDevin Vodicka, EdDMarch 14, 2013 1
  2. 2. Superintendent’s AdvisoryCommittee: Magnet Schools• Purpose: The purpose of the committee is to make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding current and future magnet programs in VUSD. 2
  3. 3. Committee Members• Scott Sypkens, Facilitator, San Diego County • Steve Hargrave, Director, Student Services Office of Education • Jennifer Gilstrap, Empresa Parent• Jeanie Luckey, Deputy Superintendent • Tekoa Chilcote, Vista Academy Parent• Donna Caperton, Assistant Supt., Business • Barbara Franklin, VTA Services • Adalia Lavado, Olive Principal• Joe Green, Beaumont PTA • Ron Briseno, Community Member, Vista• Erin English, Foothill Oak Principal Chamber• Emy Quiroz, Grapevine Parent • David Whiddon, Mission Vista HS Asst.• Jenifer Golden, Mission Meadows Principal Principal• Amanda Roberts, Olive Teacher • Cecilia Sawyer, Lake Teacher• Catina Hancock, Vista Academy Principal • Sharon Scott-Gonzalez, Vista Academy Teacher• Emily Garcia, Vista High School Student • Laura Smith, Casita Principal• Eric Chagala, Vista High Asst Principal • Tara Biancamono, Mission Vista HS• Jose Villarreal, Vista Magnet MS Principal • Craig Wiblemo, Mission Vista HS Principal• Jayden Gilliam, Washington MS Student • Lisa Hoffman, CSEA• Anna Johnston, Vista Magnet MS Parent • Steve Post, Mission Vista HS Teacher• Ellen Crews, Washington Teacher • Gail Cerelli, Casita Teacher 3• Larry White, Executive Director, C & I
  4. 4. Meeting Dates & Location• January 10, 2013 – Vista Magnet Middle School Library• January 16, 2013 – Vista Magnet Middle School Library• January 31, 2013 – Vista Magnet Middle School Library• February 6, 2013 – Vista Magnet Middle School Library 4
  5. 5. Advisory Committee Recommendationto Superintendent• The District Magnet Program Committee recommends to the Superintendent the closure of the Vista Academy of Visual/Performing Arts (VAVPA) middle school (grades 6-8) effective at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. 5
  6. 6. Rationale for Recommendation• Site-based funding has been cut in half since 1992• Facility needs are abundant• School is in Year 5 of Program Improvement• Fewer students are being drawn to the school• Very few students are matriculating to Mission Vista HS• Current K-8 configuration is the only one out of 32 sites in the district• Small number of students in grades 6-8 (approximately 300) severely limits schedule flexibility• Vision of the school needs to be refreshed• Current K-5 program has been more successful in integrating 6 arts across the curriculum
  7. 7. Superintendent’s Analysis• Alignment with Framework for the Future: • Vision, Mission, and Values • Strategic fit with Goals• Student achievement trends• Enrollment patterns, Intra/Inter Transfers, and “Feeder” status• Financial Analysis• Facilities Impact• Communications• Next Steps 7
  8. 8. Alignment with Framework forFuture• Vision: Vista Unified will be the model of educational excellence and innovation• Goal 1: We will attract and retain more students• Analysis: • Magnet school concept aligns wonderfully with our Framework for the Future • Current VAVPA model must change in order for us to move in the direction of our vision and to achieve our first goal. 8
  9. 9. VAVPA Student AchievementTrends• Year 5 Program Improvement• Academic Performance Index Rankings (2011) • Statewide Rank: 3 out of 10 • Similar Schools Rank: 3 out of 10• English Language Arts proficiency has improved since 2008• Math and Science proficiency has declined since 2008• Source: California Department of Education 9
  10. 10. Enrollment Patterns• Source: California Department of Education 10
  11. 11. Vista Academy Transfer Data 2011-12 2012-13 2013-2014* 18 7 1 Note: the transfer window closes on March 31, 2013. 11
  12. 12. Matriculation to Mission VistaHigh School• Currently there are 59 students or 5% of the total student population at Mission Vista High School(MVHS) that have come from Vista Academy.• Currently there are 206 students or 17.4% of the total student population at Mission Vista High School that have come from Vista Magnet Middle School (VMMS). 12
  13. 13. Financial Analysis• Current Middle School enrollment of 288 students generates 9.33 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Teachers• General Fund actual FTE is 11• With categorical funds, total FTE is 14• Net difference of 4.67 FTE• Approximate cost of 1.0 FTE is $75,000• Total current additional investment of $350,250• If staffed at 9.3 teachers: • 2 English • 2 Math • 2 Science • 2 Social Studies • 1 PE • .3 for electives• Conclusion: Current model is not cost effective; cost effective model is not instructionally effective 13
  14. 14. Magnets and Budget• Current reality is that Mission Vista High School and Vista Magnet Middle School are budgeted to receive 15% additional teacher FTE as a result of their unique schedules.• Mission Vista High School draws 256 students on interdistrict transfers as well as 100 students who live in Vista but previously went to private schools, generating almost $2 million in revenue to offset additional costs associated with their staffing model.• Vista Magnet Middle is the first and only school to exceed 900 on the API and they draw 22 Students on an interdistrict transfer.• Small size at VAVPA middle school has required additional investment of over $350,000 to run a comprehensive schedule for students. 14
  15. 15. Financial Sustainability• Superintendent recommends budgeting 15% additional FTE for every magnet school and allowing site to redirect the equivalent amount of funding to support their magnet programs• Superintendent recommends that the effectiveness of the magnet program be re-evaluated every 3 years based on two criteria: 1. Student achievement improvement 2. Incoming transfer rate improvement• Magnet schools not meeting criteria for improvement would be at risk to lose additional funding to another site based on a competitive “grant” process 15• Estimated net impact to budget: $860,000
  16. 16. Facilities Impact• Current VAVPA 5th-7th grade enrollment includes: • 12 students from Madison attendance area • 33 students from Roosevelt attendance area • 107 students from Rancho Minerva attendance area • 154 students from Washington attendance area• Vista Magnet Middle has capacity to absorb hundreds of additional students 16
  17. 17. Communications• According to input from the Magnet Advisory Committee: • Middle school parents are going from year-to-year, holding their breath asking themselves is this the year the district is going to close down the 6-8 program at VAVPA. Parents have known and heard the rumors for a few years now. Too much uncertainty. • The Committee needs to work on supporting the other existing magnet schools with funding. • Damage is being done by not having a well-rounded middle school program – it has hindered the high school transition.• Superintendent meetings: • All middle school principals on 3/7 • VAVPA staff on 3/8 • VAVPA parents on 3/12• Principal communication to all staff and families 17
  18. 18. Next Steps:Magnet Articulation (Option 1) Elementary Middle High School Casita Vista Mission Magnet STEM Vista STEM STEM Washington Mission VAVPA Arts Arts Vista Arts 18
  19. 19. Magnet Articulation: Option 2International Baccalaureate (IB) Casita IB Vista HS or VMMS IB RBV HS IB PYP STEM MYP STEM MYP/DP VAVPA IB Vista HS or Washington RBV HS IB PYP Arts IB MYP Arts MYP/DPPYP: Primary Years Programme (Grades K-5) 19MYP: Middle Years Programme (Grades 6-10)DP: Diploma Programme (Grades 11-12)
  20. 20. Superintendent’sRecommendations1. Closure of the 6th-8th grade program at Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts as of June 30, 2013 • Recommend that all current 5th-7th grade students/families at VAVPA be given an extended window through April 15th, 2013, to indicate their desired school of attendance. • Recommend that every Middle School, including Vista Magnet Middle School, be available for this extended transfer window.2. Recommend that 15% FTE adjustment be budgeted 2013-14 through 2015-16 at Casita, VAVPA, VMMS, and MVHS • Recommend that 15% FTE adjustment also be budgeted beginning in 2014-15 for Washington Middle3. Recommend that the Magnet Advisory Committee define articulated magnet pathways at dual elementary, dual middle, and dual magnet high school with targeted 20 implementation in 2014-15.