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Safety report revised

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Safety report revised

  1. 1. VISTA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT CAMPUS SAFETY andSECURITY REVIEW Jeff Geyer Safety & Environmental Manager Business Services Department
  2. 2. GOALS• Establish District wide Standardized Protocols for Safety, Security and Crisis Management to ensure the Safety of our Students, Employees and Visitors.• Establish Standard Criteria for a Secure Campus to be used by the Facilities Committee as an aid to Master Facilities Plan prioritization.• Prepare VUSD for Grant Funding associated with Federal & State Safety & Security Programs.
  3. 3. GUIDING IDEASDETERRENCE BALANCEProvide secure campus Provide secure campus causing the calculating access while ‘bad guy’ to find our maintaining a warm and campuses inconvenient, inviting atmosphere for therefore undesirable. student learning.
  4. 4. GATHERING STAKEHOLDER INPUT• Site meetings Elementary, Middle & High Schools• School Safety Committee• Law Enforcement• Fire / EMS Services• District Service Departments• Before/After School Programs• Preschool• City Traffic Engineering Departments• Keenan & Associates
  5. 5. EVERY VUSD CAMPUSIS BEING REVIEWED IN THESE AREAS:• Comprehensive Safe School Plan• Security Protocols• Perimeter Fencing• Classroom Door Locking Systems• Communication Systems• Fire Alarm Systems• Traffic & Parking
  6. 6. COMPREHENSIVE SAFE SCHOOL PLANIn close collaboration with Student Support Servicesevery site plan in its entirety is currently under review.This review focuses on the following sections within the plan:• Emergency Action Plan• Security Protocols• Bullying / Harassment• Strategies to address a safe & orderly environment• Crisis Response• Safe Ingres & Egress• Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS review
  7. 7. PERIMETER FENCING / SECURITY CAMERAS• 100,000 + feet of perimeter fencing• 200 + gates• 75% is 8’ high• 22 Cameras spread over 5 sites• Facilities Master Plan • Overlapping and Seamless Collaboration
  8. 8. SECURITY PROTOCOLS• ID Badges • Goal of all VUSD employees to be issued and wear a VUSD ID Badge. • First phase complete by March 31, 2013: All district level employees. Maintain Secure Perimeter Visitor sign-in and Visitor Badges  Our schools have an average of 15 visitors each day entering campus.  Additional 15 visitors to school office who do not enter campus. Emergency Exercises /Drills After School Programs Classroom Door Lock Systems  Lock Bloks for every classroom door in the District .
  9. 9. COMMUNICATION• Intercom Systems• Walkie-Talkies (on site)• Emergency telephones (RED Ephones)• Back up All-Call programing• All-Call systems for ASC/Facilities/Trans &North Ave• District Leadership Team Communication Protocol• District Emergency Radios and Transportation Dispatch Center • Regional Communication System (RCS)
  10. 10. FIRE & INTRUSION ALARM SYSTEMS• All Fire Alarm Systems are being inspected and certified by an outside agency with oversight by Vista & Oceanside Fire Departments• Annual Fire Department Inspections currently underway• Intrusion Detection Systems are being reviewed for asset protection
  11. 11. TRAFFIC, PARKING & PEDESTRIAN SAFETY• Traffic patterns leading into and out of all schools are under review in partnership with the Cities of Vista & Oceanside Traffic Engineers.• Reviewing the Crossing Guard Programs with the Cities of Vista & Oceanside
  12. 12. KEENAN & ASSOCIATESComprehensive Security Review of Every Campus• Perimeter Fencing and Campus Access• Visitor policy• Security Cameras• Exterior LightingKeenan will provide a report with findings and recommendations.
  13. 13. VUSD SCHOOLS ARE SAFEEVERY VUSD School:• Has a Comprehensive Safe School Plan (Emergency Action Plan)• Maintains a secure perimeter• Has a visitor sign-in protocol• Has an operational Fire Alarm system• Has an operational Communication systemTHANK YOU