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Special ed report march 14 2013md

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Special ed report march 14 2013md

  1. 1. Special Ed Task Force Update #2 March 14, 2013 Taskforce Charge:Define a model for instructional delivery that promotes high quality teaching and learning and is monitored through multiple measures of student achievement. Our Presenters:  Leigh Noonan, Psychologist - California Avenue School and Breeze Hill Elementary  Ashley Backman, Teacher -  Bobier Elementary School
  2. 2. Service Priority #1 Student Identification Issues StudentStudent MOVING TOStudy TeamTeam DEVELOPING RtI MOVING TOAssessment for Eligibility Assessment for Instruction
  3. 3. Service Priority #2 Instructional Program DeliveryPull Out Delivery MOVING TO Inclusion Model (Co-Teaching, Push-In, and Collaboration) MOVING TOContent-Centered Common Core Instruction
  4. 4. Next StepsSpecial Education Strategic Plan StructureService Priorities  Student Identification  Instructional Program Delivery  Leadership and Staffing  Communication  Program Monitoring
  5. 5. Special Education Taskforce Questions?