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Test Scores Continue To Rise in Vista

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Test Scores Continue To Rise in Vista

  1. 1. Press Release Vista Unified School District Superintendent Devin Vodicka For Immediate Release7 September 20122012 California Standards Test (CST) Achievement Results Continue to Rise in VistaThe 2012 California Department of Education Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR)results have been recently released by the California Department of Education. These resultsprovide one measure of student achievement in English language arts, mathematics, and othersubjects.Achievement results on the California Standards Test (CST) for Vista Unified indicate consistentimprovement in English language arts and mathematics over a nine-year period (2003 to 2012).The slope of student achievement has steadily increased for Vista students despite the significantfinancial setbacks brought on by the state fiscal crisis over the past six years.In just under one decade, Vista Unified students in grades two through eleven have increasedproficiency rates by over 21% in English language arts (from 38% to 59%). A similar gain wasmade in mathematics in grades two through seven (from 41% to 64%). To put this improvementinto perspective, over 1600 more students scored at or above proficiency in English language artsin 2012 than in 2003. In mathematics, over 1000 more students scored at or above proficiency in2012 than in 2003. This improvement is even more impressive considering that the districtenrollment has declined by over 3000 students from 2003 to 2012.“It is a testament to the teachers in Vista Unified that so many students have moved intoproficiency over the past nine years,” Jeanie Luckey (Deputy Superintendent) said. “We are notsatisfied with the current achievement results, however. It is our commitment as a district tocontinue to increase student achievement and, in particular, to work as a unified school district toclose the continuing achievement gap.”Over 16,800 students participated in the CST assessments in 2012 for Vista Unified. Of thesestudents, over 59% scored at or above proficiency on the English language arts component; morethan a 5% increase from the previous year. On the mathematics component of the CSTassessment, over 64% scored at or above proficiency in 2012; more than a 1% increase from theprevious year. Student achievement in Algebra, (reported separately) is holding steady, with 52%of students in grades 7, 8, and 9 scoring at or above proficiency.An important point of comparison is that Vista students outscored the California state average inEnglish language arts by 2% and mathematics by 13% on the 2012 CST assessments.For more information about Vista Unified student achievement on the STAR assessments, visitthe California Department of Education STAR webpage.The California state accountability reports for Academic Performance Index (API) and AdequateYearly Progress (AYP) are scheduled to be released the first week in October 2012.