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Smart plug 50 amp boatside inlet & connector

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Smart plug 50 amp boatside inlet & connector

  1. 1. REVIEWS - SmartPlug 50 Amp Boatside Inlet &ConnectorViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Ratingout of 5Product FeatureSMARTPLUG 50 AMP INLET & PLUG COMBOqBOATSIDERead moreqProduct Description50A 125V/250V Retrofit KitThe SmartPlug 50 amp retrofit kit includes the 50 amp stainless inlet (BM50S) and 50A connector (BF50),everything you need to protect your boat from shore power overheating. Installation of both components iseasy. The kit is designed to fit on 125V/250V systems with multiple seals on the connector to ensure awatertight fit on an existing cordset.FeaturesCan be used with 125V or 250V serviceCan be plugged in easily in the dark or awkward locations effortlessly20x more electrical contact means no overheatingWeatherproof seals to eliminate corrosionTriple locks are stronger and easier to useLid locks in closed positionSleeved designs ensures a stable electrical connection every timeRead more