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One Source Solution

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One Source Solution

  2. 2. Paychex One-Source Solutions Paychex One-Source Solutions provides a comprehensive selection of outstanding HR service and support options that are easy to use, while providing you the flexibility, control, reliability, and economy your organization requires.
  3. 3. Multiple Benefits ONE-ON-ONE SERVICE Easily connect with highly trained professionals who are assigned to your account so they can quickly address your specific needs. CONTROL Centralized data management provides complete administrative control, including assignment of group, department, supervisor or individual user rights. FLEXIBILITY Comprehensive service and support options are easily launched based on your unique needs. EASE OF USE Accessible from any computer with internet access, customizable data views are intuitive and easy to use. Turnkey setup gets you up and running smoothly. RELIABILITY Paychex takes care of ensuring that data is safe, secure, and always available based on your work flow. ECONOMY With nearly 40 years of experience, Paychex consistently delivers the finest services available at cost-justified rates reasonable to over 570,000 clients and partners.
  4. 4. Paychex One-Source Solutions Ranked #1 on the Proven Solutions from “Global A-List of Business Service an Industry Leader P Providers” – Forbes aychex solutions allow over half a million satisfied clients Consistently Ranked Among the to focus on what they Top Training do best – growing their Organizations bottom line. – Training INDUSTRY-LEADING PARTNER “Top 100 Paychex is the largest provider in our Most Ethical industry. Companies • Nearly 40 years of experience and in the World” leadership • Record year-over-year growth – Ethisphere • Over half of a million clients in 50 states Institute PROVEN RELIABILITY • Client sizes from 1 to 10,000 employees Paychex uses multiple checks and • Largest 30,000 clients average 140 balances to help ensure accurate and employees reliable service delivery. Ranked COST-EFFECTIVE RETURNS • Publicly traded #1 national Rapid year-over-year growth for nearly • Compliant with SEC regulations and recordkeeper of requirements 401(k) plans 40 years provides the business volume required to consistently deliver the finest • Sarbanes-Oxley certified – PLANSPONSOR services available at cost-justified rates • SAS70 certified that are reasonable to over 570,000 clients • Regular operational audits across over and third-party referral sources. 100 locations • Endorsed by the American Institute of One of America’s Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Business Partner Solutions Program Best Managed Companies – Forbes
  5. 5. Outstanding Client ServiceT he success of Paychex PERSONALIZED SERVICE Easily connect with dedicated providers who are is based on our industry- assigned to your account and have the knowledge and familiarity to quickly address your unique clientleading, one-on-one service needs as they arise.model. ON-SITE SUPPORTSERVICE SETS US APART From implementation through ongoing support,Nearly 40 years of outstanding client service and Paychex service professionals are available for on-siteindustry growth. support, based on your unique needs. 570,000 Clients10 Years 20 Years 30 Years 40 YearsPROFESSIONAL DELIVERY MODELPersonalized, one-on-one service is delivered byprofessionally trained providers. CALL • Dedicated one-on-one client service CENTER • Teams of specialized experts • Ongoing employee training, development, and performance ✓ Nearly 40 years of industry experience A highly qualified service representative is assigned to manage every Paychex ✓ Employees average 107.5 hours of training per year client relationship. ✓ Extensive job-dependent testing and examination ✓ Accredited by the American Council of Education ✓ Ranked among the top training organizations by Training magazine
  6. 6. Paychex One-Source Solutions Support for the Entire Employee Lifecycle Attract and Hire Guide and Support RECRUITING COMPANY PORTAL ONE-ON-ONE • Job Descriptions • Communication Center SERVICE • Compensation Surveys • Real-Time Directories Easily connect with highly • Internet Recruiting • Employee Profiles trained professional providers who are • Custom Portal • Forms and Documents assigned to your account • Requisition Workflows • Future Effective Dating and have the knowledge • Resume/Skill Search • Automatic Reminders and familiarity to quickly address unique client HIRING SELF SERVICE needs as they arise. • Screening Services • Profile Updates • Custom Onboarding • Policies & Procedures • Orientation Process P • Employee Documents • Forms Librar Library • Time-off Requests • New-Hire Re Reporting • Benefit Enrollments tomer of cus TAX CREDITS BENEFITS level “The e is simply • Work Opportunity Oppor • Paychex Benefit Plans ser vic ding.” • Welfare to W Work (Insurance, 401(k), S125) n outsta , tingale y Nigh h r e • Benefits Administration Timot nt Controll Ass ista pho ny le Sym • Provider Integration Seatt stra Orche loyees • Total Compensation Summary mp 288 e
  7. 7. Manage and Direct Develop and Retain TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING • Web-punch, Biometric, Swipe • Licensing and Certifications • Complex Rules • Schedules and Curriculums • Rapid Scheduling • Automatic Reminders • Time-off Calendar • On-Site Training • Automated Reporting • Video Training Library • Status Board • Web Training PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION PERFORMANCE • True Labor Costing • Performance Reviews • Certified Payroll • Dynamic Forms • General Ledger Controls • Incident Logs • Instant Gross to Net • Performance Notices • Paperless Payroll and W-2s • Employee Access EXPENSE REPORTING SEPARATION • Personal and Corporate Card Imports • Policies and Documentation • Policy Automation • SUI Claims Administration • Short Process Cycles • Company Asset Tracking • Automatic Notifications • Workers’ Compensation • Graphical Analytics • COBRA Administration • General Ledger Integration • History and Audit Trails
  8. 8. Paychex One-Source Solutions Administrative Control and Flexibility Web-based HR data and administrative support services make it easy to share data, communications, policies, and procedures. Web-Based HR Services Administrators e ing tim rocess uced by “Our p en red Supervisors has be due to tha n 25% features more omation t stem.” the au aychex sy P of the C a rc o pa III e Jack r of Financ terprises o n Direct Elegance E C as ual e es mploy 170 e Employees
  10. 10. Paychex One-Source Solutions Comprehensive, Flexible Reporting at Your Fingertips PARTIAL LISTING OF KEY REPORTS RECRUITING AND TRAINING APPLICANT TRACKING • Training and Certification Dates • Candidate Source • Skills Report • Hires per Source • Time to Fill PERFORMANCE • Employee Referrals • Performance Reviews Due • Performance Log HIRING • Orientation Task List COMPENSATION • New-Hire Log • Total Compensation Summary • Audit Report • Current Compensation by Job Title • Salary/Rate/Position History EMPLOYEE PROFILES • Form W-4 EXPENSE REPORTING • Census • Policy Exceptions • Emergency Contact • Status Changes • Employee Checklist • Expense Totals • Employees by Supervisor PAYROLL AND TAX • Effective Dates ADMINISTRATION • Event Reminders • Register Prior to Processing BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION • General Ledger • Eligibility • Fiscal Year Report • Proof of Presentation • Workers’ Compensation • Election Statements • Excess Tips FICA Credit • HIPAA Certificates • Certified Payroll • Employee and Employer Cost COMPLIANCE TIME OFF • I-9 Audit • Time-off Balances • EEO-I Job Categories • Time-off History • HIPAA Certificates • Job Group Analysis by Age TIME AND LABOR • Veterans Employment • Status Report • Citizenship-Visa Verification • Approaching Overtime • Tardy Report SAFETY • Scheduled vs. Paid • OSHA Reporting • Attendance Report • Accidents Report
  11. 11. 1-800-322-7292 w w w. p a y c h e x . c o m159158 6/10 CT