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iCare: Mobile app concept development

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The result of a group work on the development of the 2 end mobile application in the Healthcare sector over the course "Marketing in Hight-Tech".
Precondition: we are Apple Inc.

Disclaimer: this project and its participants have no relation in real life neither to Apple Inc. nor to any of it's subsidiaries. The information used for the creation of this presentation has been obtained from what is publicly available on the internet.

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iCare: Mobile app concept development

  1. 1. The Internet of Things (IoT) market
  2. 2. “Potential is huge, first for mobile consumer health apps, medical apps will follow...” The mHealth Appmarket
  3. 3. Healthcare: what needs? B2B B2C be healthy
  4. 4. Keynote March 2015, 26
  5. 5. Presenting iCare
  6. 6. Differentiation and benefits Healthcare professional screen Patient screen
  7. 7. Porter’s 5 forces Intense competition between a few companies Threat of new entrants Regulations create entry barrier Barganing power of customers Few suppliers and high switching costs. Not much bargaining power. Threat of substitudes Old methods, more advanced technology Power of suppliers No suppliers
  8. 8. Actor’s profile IoT market Product: iCare - iOs app Partner: IBM Watson Competitors: Other healthcare - related apps/ Google Scope: B2B and B2C Resources: High skilled human resources Good financial status New technology Value Chain: ●  Primary activities: App architecture -> Design -> Coder -> Tester -> Sales -> After sale services ●  Secondary activities: RH + General Administration + R&D + Procurement Competitive Advantage
  9. 9. Overview: SWOT Strengths •  Strong and trusted brand with international presence •  High security for information •  One of the leading innovators in the field Opportunities •  Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming market •  People are becoming more interested in mobile health monitoring Threats •  Data leaks from cyber attacks •  Vast amount of data that needs to be stored somewhere •  Professional users might be reluctant to use the application Weaknesses •  Slow adoption rate growth •  We are dependent on the hardware •  Our success depends on users
  10. 10. Marketing segmentation Users : Everyone who is able to use a smartphone. Pioneers: -  health-oriented people -  Patients with chronic conditions Clients : Insurance companies, hospitals, pharma
  11. 11. 4 C’s Users Companies & Hospitals Clients needs Easy to use, complete solution, personalization Productivity, time saving, solving patient’s problem, personalization Costs Free App & Price of the Applewatch Money & time needed to integrate the new process Communication See below Convenience Already implementated in the iOS of the iPhone and Applewatch Direct sales & help implement the process
  12. 12. Key pillars of Implementation strategy ●  Get Sceptics on-board ●  Expert-evidence ●  Storytelling ●  Get hospitals and practitioners to “prescribe” the app as well as fitness and diet coaches ●  Sport celebrities endorsement (individual sports) ●  Charity events (I donate blood because iCare,)
  13. 13. Communication plan Objective Target Actions Tools Inform Coomunicate benefits Educate Encourage to use Institutions (B2B): Hospitals; Research institutions; Insurance companies Face to face meetings Event (salon, trade fairs, techno expos) Information kit creation Brochure (Magazine) Mailings, Emailings Online Ad banner in the relevant website (dailynews website, healthcare - related website) Direct sales Inform Educate & Integrate customers Be visible (i.e. in search engine, practitioner’s lobbys) Individual Users (B2C) Presse release Social networks Mobile pop-up ads Offline event: try to use this app at AppleStore SEO/SEM Press release Social media, Forum, m-mkt, POS, Google Adwords
  14. 14. Key messages -  B2B: Easier health tracking (efficiency, time-saving) Decline of the heathcare cost -  B2C: Everything to keep you healthy in one place Staying healthy has never been easier! Personalized, human-centered innovation in the heart of all we do “Being healthy has never been easier!”, “imagine the world… ”, “Healthcare reinvented”, “Your personal health manager”, “take your health to a new level with iCare”
  15. 15. Expected evolutions •  The app will become an industry standard •  Connected to medical equipment •  Entry of a big actor •  Emergence of internal platforms (tailored, narrow-specialised) •  Connected personal healthcare equipment