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Where Serverless meets Containers - Kelsey Hightower on Cloud Run

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Caught in the #Serverless vs. #Kubernetes debate? Then, you’re in for a treat because at last #ServerlessTO meetup Kelsey explained how #Serverless and #Containers Technologies are converging – not diverging:

He shared the reasoning that went into product development of Cloud Functions (FaaS) and Cloud Run (CaaS) services, the lessons GCP team learned from over a decade of App Engine (PaaS) experience, and answered many questions!

Kelsey Hightower is a humanist, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform & co-author of “Kubernetes Up and Running” book:

Event details:

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Where Serverless meets Containers - Kelsey Hightower on Cloud Run

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  4. 4. Serverless is not just about the Tech: 4 Serverless is New Agile & Mindset #1 Serverless Dev (Back-end FaaS dev, but turned into gluing APIs and Managed Services) #2 We're obsessed to creating business value (meaningful MVPs, Products), to empower Business users #3 We build bridges between Serverless Community (“Dev leg”), and Front-end & Voice- First developers & User Experience designers (“UX leg”) #4 Achieve agility NOT by “sprinting” faster (like in Scrum), but working smarter (by using bigger building blocks and less Ops)
  5. 5. What is the Serverless Mindset? 5 Way too often, we – the IT folks, have obsession for “pimping up our cars” (infrastructure/code) instead for “driving business” forward & taking them places ☺
  6. 6. It can be applied to any Tech stack, even… 6 “Serverless is a state of mind. It’s about how you make decisions, not what your choices are.” – Ben Kehoe …even your On-Prem Data Centre Serverless is a direction, not a destination It’s about avoiding Dogma – this:
  7. 7. More about Mindset… Compassion 7 Respect, Empathy
  8. 8. Cloud Run: Where Serverless meets Containers Google Cloud Next ’20: Recap Kelsey Hightower – Developer Advocate for GCP & co-author of “Kubernetes Up and Running” book 8 The Feature Presentation